Cigar and Pipe Smoking Cartoon Characters

While you may think that the child-targeted animations and cartoons produced by the likes of Disney would not be displaying characters smoking on screen, there have actually been a wide number of animated faces from both film and TV to light up on screen. We take a look at just a few of the cigar and pipe smoking cartoon characters from film and television:



Pinocchio, Pinocchio

Pinocchio is seen to smoke a stogie when on Pleasure Island, which turns out to be a bad idea for a boy made of wood; but not for the reason you’d expect! As the film was released before Cuban exports were banned in the US, Pinocchio may even have been smoking a Cuban cigar in this Disney classic.


Roger, 101 Dalmatians

As the owner of Pongo, the male dog responsible for the ‘probably a few too many dogs’ situation of this movie, we don’t really blame Roger for seemingly constantly smoking his big bowl pipe. Not only does he have to deal with clearing up after 101 dogs, he also has to fend off an evil woman who wants to make a coat from their fur. We hope he gets to relax at least a little when lighting up his pipe, after all that stress!


Basil, Basil the Great Mouse Detective

This miniature detective couldn’t go without a puff on his Calabash pipe, what with being the animal kingdom’s take on the infamous Sherlock Holmes. It seems the pipe brings waves of inspiration and clarity to those who smoke it, having been used by both of these fictional detectives!


Captain Hook, Peter Pan

While we do enjoy a cigar or two every now and then, two at once may be a questionable choice. It is, however, the choice one Captain Hook makes in Peter Pan though, using an intriguing cigar holder that allowed him to double up his cigar intake, one puff at a time. Maybe it’s all down to the stress brought on by the crocodile?


Tom & Jerry

Not only do they love brutally attacking each other with axes and explosives, but it appears the cat and mouse pair also enjoy fine cigars from time to time. So much so, in fact, that many of the old episodes of this classic cartoon have actually had to be heavily edited to remove any references to smoking tobacco, in order to comply with new on-screen regulations about depictions of smoking. But not to worry kids; the episode where Tom gets executed by a guillotine isn’t going anywhere…


Hades, Hercules

After getting a little angry, Hades manages to smoke an entire stogie in one single puff. We’ve heard of quick burns before, but this is maybe taking it too far! Hopefully he learnt his lesson though, as he instantly turned bright red. If not, perhaps he should keep up to date with the Havana House blog for all the top tips on cigar smoking!


It’s unlikely that we will be seeing many more cigar aficionados in the cartoon world, following many studios banning the depiction of smoking on screen, including Disney back in 2015. Are there any stogie smoking animated characters we’ve forgotten? Let us know your favourites in our comments or via our social media channels!

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  1. krdwacho says:

    So I instantly think of Popeye and Bluto both of which smoke, 1 a pipe and 1 a cigar, and also the iconic J Jonah Jameson of popeye who was rarely seen without a stogie.

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