Have You Got a Cigar Smoking Bucket List?

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Cigar smoking is a pastime which brings a lot of joy to people all over the world, with many people lighting up their favourite stogies for special occasions, or just as a way to relax on a weekend.

But there might be some of you out there who are looking to take your cigar smoking experience to the next level. Have you ever thought about creating your very own cigar smoking bucket list?

With this thought in mind, we have put together a few ideas below to get you started, but please let us know your own ideas in the comments section and on our social media channels!


Watch a Cigar Being Made

When you buy cigars online, often you cannot appreciate the process the cigar has gone through before it reaches your door. But the first time you see a craftsman turn the leaves into a cigar, you will be amazed.

Watching how much work goes into something that will be sold for £10 will really astonish you, as it truly is a work of art!


Buy a Box of Cigars

If you are a casual cigar smoking, chances are you will be buying them individually. But if you are looking to step things up a gear, why not try buying a box of cigars? Boxes are usually available in 10s, the 20s, 25s and even 50s, so why not try supersizing your cigar order? When you buy cigars in larger numbers, they tend to come packaged and presented in such a way that makes it feel like you have made a grand purchase.

Buying in larger numbers can also ensure that you are covered should you host a spontaneous poker night; you’re feeling generous and want to treat the rest of the table.


Smoke a Cigar in its Native Country

Sitting in your favourite chair with your favourite cigar in hand is a great experience, but have you ever thought about puffing on a stogie in its country of origin? Cigars taste different when you smoke them in the place where they were made, but being in the country also allows you to connect to the cigar and the story behind it.

Cuba, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic host regular cigar festivals, with Honduras joining them on occasion. Why not look at booking a mini break to one of these locations to give yourself an unrivalled smoking experience?


Age Your Cigars

In this fast-paced world we live in, sometimes it’s nice to slow things down and take a step back. Take a box of cigars you know that you enjoy, note something memorable on the back including the date, then put them to one side and wait a few years.

Try as hard as you can to resist the urge to smoke them, and then revisit them in a few years’ time. When you do so, you can reflect on where you were at the time you put them aside, where you are now and everything in between. Sit back with a friend or family member, smoke one and enjoy the little things in life.


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