Cigar Smoking Icons: Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito tucking cigars into his shirt pocket

Actor, director, comedian and cigar aficionado?

Join us as we continue our Cigar Smoking Icon series by taking a closer look at one of Hollywoods best-known personalities, Danny Devito and his love for Cuban cigars.

Who Is Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito was born in Neptune, New Jersey in 1944. He landed his first movie role in 1968 in Dreams of Glass and since then has appeared in a vast amount of productions for stage, television and the big screen.

DeVito has had a phenomenal career as an actor, starring in films such as Matilda and Batman Returns (for which he earned a nomination for Best Villain), as well as branching out into the role of director, producer, and even screenwriter.

DeVito has been gracing our screen with his shameless and comedic presence for years and despite being 76 years old, he stated he doesn’t have any plans to retire any time soon.

Danny DeVito with a cigar in his mouth

Danny DeVito and Cigars

DeVito isn’t quiet about his love for cigars, even going so far as asking every passenger on a transatlantic flight if they minded him lighting one up. He’s even graced the cover of Cigar Aficionado and has been interviewed by the magazine multiple times.

While he’s been known to smoke one or more cigars a day to help him relax, DeVito came to smoking gradually. His father used to smoke machine-made cigars, DeNobilis, which DeVito found to be a little rough. While filming the popular 70’s television show, Taxi, DeVito really got into the habit when he’d join the rest of the cast for a celebratory Cuban on special occasions.

Typically, DeVito likes to smoke alone, finding a nice quiet spot to light up after dinner, but he’s not a complete smoking recluse! He was known to smoke cigars with fellow actor and cigar lover, Arnold Schwarzenegger while the pair were working on Ivan Reitman film, Twins.

What Cigars Does Danny DeVito Smoke?

While DeVito claims to have gone through many phases in his life, one thing has always remained the same; his love for a good Cuban cigar. He’s even said before how much he wants to go to Cuba to watch them being made.

His favourite cigar is the Partagás Serie D No. 4, a strong and full-bodied cigar with aromas of wood and spice that has become one of the top-selling Havanas in the world.

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