Can You Beat This Cigar Trivia Quiz?


Whether you consider yourself to be an aficionado when it comes to cigars, or just enjoy a casual smoke, you probably know a fair bit when it comes to the world of stogies. Yet no matter how many cigars you have smoked, there will always be more to learn about! Test your knowledge of everything cigar with our new cigar trivia quiz!

Let us know how much you know by sharing your result on social media! If you got any answers wrong or have found that you know far less than you thought about cigars, then be sure to check out the Havana House blog for all of your cigar questions answered! Now in the mood to enjoy a wonderful tasting cigar? Take a look at the wide range of smokes available online here at Havana House!

New to cigars? The history of cigars is rich, with so many traditions, rules, dates and new terminology to discover. When first entering into the world of cigar smoking, this can appear daunting at first, but here on the Havana House blog, we try to make this introduction easier for you, with handy guides and infographics to help you get to grips with the basics!

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