Cigar videos of the month

Whether you’re new to the world of cigar smoking or consider yourself an aficionado you can always learn a new cigar fact, cigar smoking tip or recommendation for your next smoke.

There’s no better way to do that than by sitting back, relaxing, lighting up a stogie from Havana House’s cigar shop online and watching our August top 5 cigar videos below.


This informative video sees James O’Hara, a Latinist, classical historian and expert in cigars and whisky teach Denise Pavlik of Fashion in the city some basic rules, etiquette and pairings.


Take a tour of a Dominican cigar factory and the beautiful technique involved in making high quality hand-made cigars with Palomino Cigars.


This informative video from the guys at UK Cigar Scene shows you all you need to know about humidors and cigar storage, making sure you’re in the know on how to make sure your cigars are in perfect condition, resulting in the most enjoyable smoking experience.


If your new to the world of cigars and don’t know where to start this video is for you. This educational video shows the importance of selecting a top quality cigar merchant, such as Havana House and how you should act one you are there. A good relationship with your cigar merchant will be a bond that will last a lifetime.


Our final video is a fantastic video from Jed Hassell showing him and his partner Shona attend our Windsor Cigar Cruise 2016 along the River Thames. This video has a very personal feel to it and shows all the fantastic things we had that night such as delicious food, vibrant music, Whiskey tastings and cigars of course! Make sure you are on the boat for next year’s cruise!


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