Cigar Aficionado’s Top Cigar of 2017

Cigar of the year

It’s here! The cigar of the year, as decided by Cigar Aficionado Magazine has been announced, and this year the accolade is awarded to Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark!

The blend used for this top cigar is based on that used in the original Don Carlos cigar, which was released back in 1976. As with most Don Carlos cigars, the wrapper originates from Cameroon, while the interior tobacco is grown in the Dominican Republic and then well-aged. In keeping with their usual style, the exact blend remains a well-guarded secret! The taste remains familiar to fans of the Fuente cigar; however, there is a welcome twist that has certainly contributed to elevating it to the top spot on Cigar Aficionado’s list.

The shape of the cigar surely contributes to it’s winning spot also, as it is intriguing compared with the more standard sizing seen with many cigars. The Eye of the Shark cigar is not box-pressed or conventional in shaping. Instead, the bottom-half of the stogie is pressed, while the upper-half tapers, as with a regular rounded belicoso. While Fuente has used a similar shape before, that has only been for limited releases, so the somewhat peculiar shaping remains refreshing and surprising. The name of the cigar can also be attributed to the shape; as the cigar arguably takes the form of a shark’s body!

Of course, the taste is what everyone cares about the most. The Shark gives off its phenomenal flavours as soon as it is lit. With a range of flavour notes present, from spices to citruses, there are many complex layers apparent in each puff. As you continue to smoke the cigar, tones of nuttiness, cider and cedar make themselves known, contributing to a truly fantastic flavour!



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