Guide to smoking your cigars when camping

Are we in England? It doesn’t seem it with this run of incredibly warm weather! For cigar lovers, that means enjoying your stogie in the great outdoors and whether you’re off the beaten track with a special someone, or partying the week away at one of the many great festivals in this country, follow our guide on how to enjoy your cigars when camping below. Just don’t forget your camping lighter or it could be a long walk back to the car!













The age old saying goes variety is the spice of life, and this is true when it comes to your cigars when out camping. Bring a variety of cigars on the trip, not only the brand, but a whole variety of cigars will be beneficial to your camp activities. Short cigars are good for a quick smoke when doing camp chores such as collecting wood, while a bigger longer cigar is perfect for an evening in front of the fire. If you’re feeling generous with your camp group, you can dish some out and compare the different flavours with each other.

We have some incredible cigar selections that do the hard part for you, and to make it even easier, we have non-Cuban and Cuban selections available in-store and online, so you don’t have to waste time in the cigar shop mulling over the many varieties in stock.














England is a beautiful country to get the tent out in nature, but it’s important to remember that the UK is a country of extreme weather changes, with blue sky and sunshine one moment and then hail and sleet the next, all within an hour!

You need to keep your cigars protected from the elements of outdoor living, albeit it even temporary.

We stock a fantastic Xikar travel humidor gift set that is perfect for taking with you on trips away with friends and family due to it being lightweight and economical. The set also comes with a Xikar Xi2 cutter, Xikar Executive single jet-flame lighter and a great selection of cigars.

If going away for a day or two, a simple Ziploc sandwich bag with some humidification beads will do the job for you. But for the true aficionado, the travel humidor is the way to go!















Speaking from a personal experience, there’s nothing worse than hiking up to your camp spot, getting all the equipment up and getting your cigar out and realising you have no light!

One of the problems with lighting a cigar when camping is the wind, so you will probably want to opt for a butane torch lighter, whether that’s a particular cigar torch lighter or a standard butane torch lighter that will also double up as your campfire light. Depending on the length of the trip (we’re thinking those 5-day summer festivals), it would be advisable to bring extra butane and even a small Ziploc bag with matches; you never know what can happen in the great outdoors!

Plus you don’t want to be rubbing two sticks together to light your stogie, do you?


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