3 Cocktails to Make With Only 3 Ingredients

Two cocktails on a bar

Cocktails don’t need to be complicated, the simplest are more often than not the most sophisticated, they stay true to the authentic flavours of the liquor. Mixing in numerous ingredients over complicates the palate rather than doing the drink any justice.

Take the French Connection for an example, equal parts Cognac and Amaretto over ice provide a full-bodied drink. You’ll want to savour the distinguished flavours as they offer a rich depth with a touch of sweetness.

Whatever your poison, whether it’s American whiskey or botanical gin, you can create numerous cocktails. Create the perfect cocktail with a whisky, rum or gin; you can find a great selection of drinks here, at Havana House!

Two Negroni’s on a bar surrounded by foliage and fairy lights


Fancy a cocktail that can pack a punch? Then there is no need to look any further, as a Negroni offers it all. This Italian cocktail is considered an aperitif. It is built over ice and specifically stirred, not shaken with a garnish of orange peel.

The simple drink features flavours of cherry, wine and citrus with a bitter overtone for those with an acquired taste.


1oz Campari
1oz Gin
1oz Sweet Red Vermouth


  1. Fill a tall glass with ice.
  2. Pour Campari, gin and the vermouth over the ice.
  3. Stir until combined.
  4. Twist the orange peel over the glass to release the orange oils and then drop the peel into the cocktail.
A tall glass of milk swirling in a coffee

White Russian

A white Russian provides a creamy assortment of indulgent flavours. It’s rich, moorish and not for the faint-hearted.


2oz Vodka
1oz Coffee liqueur
1 splash of double cream


  1. Fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice.
  2. Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over the ice.
  3. Top with double cream and stir until combined.
An old fashioned cocktail poured over ice

Old Fashioned

A timeless cocktail that’s simplicity only makes it more delicious. This sophisticated classic can be sipped and savoured after only combining three ingredients.

An Old Fashioned is traditionally made with Bourbon or rye whiskey, a slight sweetening with sugar and then the flavours are grounded with the aromatics of bitters. This winning combination is served over ice and provides you with a well-loved, vintage cocktail.


1.5oz of sugar syrup
1.5oz of whisky
A few dashes of bitters


  1. Combine the sugar syrup and the bitters in an Old Fashioned glass and stir them until combined.
  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  3. Pour the whisky over the ice and stir into the mixture.
  4. Before garnishing the glass with an orange peel, twist the peel over the glass to release the oils.

You can find an array of exquisite alcoholic ingredients at our online store, here at Havana House. For more cocktail ideas you can visit our blog and explore our recipes, as well as find information about what drinks pair perfectly with your favourite cigar!

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