Cohiba 50th Anniversary humidors to be sold at auction

Habanos S.A are conducting a silent auction where Cohiba’s 50th anniversary humidors will be going under the hammer with a staggering reserve price of 50,000 Euros.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary, French company Elie Bleu have designed a beautiful ornate gold leaf humidor, with one being auctioned off in March at the Festival de Habanos gala dinner, where it fetched an eye watering 320,000 Euros. This auction will be slightly different as the humidors are being sold off to the highest bidders among the official distributors of Habanos cigars from around the world.

This auction is also silent meaning bids for the humidors must be received via a mail drop set up by Habanos between June 1 and June 7. The bids will be opened after, and Habanos will then determine the winners of these magnificent yet costly humidors.

Some distributors however are already saying the process is “unfair” due to the big differences in each country’s taxes on cigars. The price in each country could vary significantly, making for an interesting auction, with us having to wait to see if they go for the large sum the first humidor went for and which distributors will be dipping into their pockets.


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Photo by: Cohibacigars_/Instagram

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