Cohiba’s 50th Anniversary Humidor prices have been revealed

Back in May we revealed that Habanos S.A. were going to conduct a silent auction where Cohiba’s 50th anniversary humidor was going to go under the hammer with a staggering reserve price of 50,000 Euros! It has now been completed and anyone willing to splash out for one will have to part with some serious money or re-mortgage their house.

Taking place in Havana the humidors were auctioned to Habanos S.A.’s distributors where more than half of the companies who distribute Habanos S.A. products around the world participated in this one of a kind event.

When the final bids had been tallied, all 49 were accounted for, and Habanos S.A. confirmed that all of them will hit the market with a price of at least £170,000 based on today’s exchange rates.

While out of reach for the average aficionado, it could still be considered a relatively good deal compared to the first humidor sold, which was No. 1 of 50 and went for £273,000 at the 18th Festival del Habano Gala Night.

The Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor cabinet is a true work of art and craftsmanship. It is lined with Cuban ligero tobacco leaves that have been plated with 24-carat gold and uses ebony, macassar, sycamore and cedar in its build.

The units were produced by leading cigar humidor manufacturer Elie Bleu, and each one will be numbered and personalized with the owner’s name. Inside each humidor are 50 of the first 60 ring gauge cigars to come from Habanos, the Cohiba 50 Aniversario, which measures 7 x 60 and has been given the vitola name grandiosos.

What’s more is also inside the humidor are several accessories: a travel humidor for five cigars, a handmade leather cigar case and an ashtray crafted with the same cabinetmaking technique used for the outer part of the humidor and finished in refined Armenian obsidian.

Those who enjoy technology incorporated into their cigar experience will be pleased that each cabinet is outfitted with a device that allows the owner to keep track of both temperature and humidity conditions inside the humidor from their smartphone or tablet through an exclusive app.



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Photo by: Havana House

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