Four Common Myths About Whisky

Glass of whisky with ice

Whisky is like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. While that isn’t relevant at all, neither are these myths about whisky below. These false truths are notoriously circulated, and in this blog, we’re looking to bust them once and for all. So grab yourself a good dram and let’s put these myths to bed, once and for all.

Aged Whisky is the Best

This is a common misconception made by people about whisky, as well as other alcoholic drinks. While there are definitely fantastic bottles that have been aged for an extended period of time, that doesn’t go to say they’re always better than an alternative, younger whisky. In fact, some whisky is better off spending less time in a barrel, so why do people automatically assume that old equals ‘better’? It’s important to remember that someone’s opinion of what’s best is personal, not a matter of fact. So, make sure you try old whisky and try young as well; you’ll only be potentially missing out otherwise.

Casks of whisky

Single Malt is Better than Blended

Another subjective piece of information; you might find you like one single malt over another blended alternative, but it could work the other way as well. Furthermore, they’re arguably different altogether, further making the comparison and question of superiority even more irrelevant. Again, make your own conclusions, don’t let someone else tell you what is better because ultimately, that’s up to you and your tastes.

All Whisky Has the Same Taste

Okay, now some may say this myth is due to a “lack of taste buds blah, blah, blah”. We’re not saying that’s wrong; moreover, we’re saying that the false truth that all whisky tastes the same is typically reported by people who don’t particularly like the drink in general. Not necessarily due to lacking anything, you might not like whisky, that’s fine. However, to say all whisky tastes the same is probably a result of a distaste in the whole experience, as opposed to all whiskies actually tasting the same.

It’s a unique taste, plus it’s not typical that everyone ‘enjoys’ their first glass. So, if you’re interested in trying whisky and want to learn why others appreciate it and how they do differ in taste, then be open-minded and try to look for more than the initial palate.

All Whisky is Scotch

Whisky is only Scotch depending on where it was geographically produced. The only place that earns this right legitimately is Scotland. Therefore, you cannot have a Scotch that was produced in Japan; it’s physically impossible. Another funny example of this was when a Scottish distillery sent their ‘Scotch’ into space during its maturation period; this subsequently lead to the drink no longer being allowed to be called Scotch! As you can tell, the Scottish are pretty serious about this!

The same goes for bourbon, for a whiskey to be considered bourbon it has to be matured in America, and as the majority of bourbon is produced in Kentucky some argue that it has to be from Kentucky to earn the title, but the last part isn’t fact, it’s just opinion.

And yes, we wrote whiskey with an ‘e’ when referring to bourbon intentionally, it wasn’t a spelling mistake. The variation of the spelling of the alcoholic beverage is based on where it was produced. But we won’t go into that here, as we have a blog whole dedicated to whiskey vs whisky: why are there two spellings?

Two glasses of whisky with cigar and cigar cutter

Which of the myths on our list did you think were truths? Make sure to let us know through our socials, along with any additional myths that you think we should have busted! One thing that certainly isn’t a myth is the harmony of whisky and Cuban cigars, a beautiful pairing that all whisky and cigar lovers alike should try.

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