4 Cuban Regional Edition Cigars to Try

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Seeking something rare to smoke? Many aficionados are on the hunt for a rare or unusual cigar to try, and that’s where Regional Edition cigars can offer an exciting opportunity.

If you’re interested in enjoying a limited edition smoke, then take a look at our recommended regional editions below!


What Are Regional Edition Cigars?

A Regional Edition cigar is a limited run of a cigar with a vitola new to the cigar brand, which is requested by a country for sale in that country’s market only.

Regional Edition cigars were first released in 2005 as a way to attract new markets around the world to the wonderful experience of cigar smoking.

The Regional Edition cigars tend to be from key brands in the Cuban cigar industry but make use of sizes and blends that are not typically used by that brand, creating a truly unique smoke.


What Makes Regional Edition Cigars Rare?

Regional Edition cigars are also produced in relatively small numbers, which makes them very attractive to collectors, and those who love to enjoy rarer smokes!

Because of this, they’re usually a bit more expensive than your standard stogie, but for many, this additional cost is well worth it due to the taste pay-off these premium smokes offer.

As limited production cigars, Regional Editions are typically only available for purchase within two years of their release. Smokers from outside a particular region are not allowed to purchase cigars from another Regional Edition within the first 12 months.

After the two-year period, Habanos SA has the option to make the Regional Edition cigars part of a brand’s regular production or to discontinue the line, which makes them even rarer.


Regional Edition Cigars You Can Buy in the UK

Here at Havana House, we are lucky enough to be able to offer a range of Regional Edition cigars. These come from both the limited UK Regional Edition releases or from Regional Editions that have become part of the regular production.


La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra Cigar

La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra Cigar was the UK Regional Edition cigar from 2017. Only 6,000 boxes of these cigars were produced, making them a rare find.

Each box of La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra Cigar contains ten handcrafted cigars. The cigar itself measures 5 3/8” x 48 ring gauge – a vitola described as ‘Britanicas Extra’. It is called this, as the original ‘Britanicas’ vitola offers a ring gauge of 46, so this cigar with a ring gauge of 48 is ‘Extra’!

La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra Cigar offers a medium body, with a delicate aroma.


El Rey Del Mundo La Reina Cigar

El Rey Del Mundo La Reina Cigar was the UK Regional Edition for 2018. The cigar features a Lancero vitola, which measures 7 ½ x 38 ring gauge, as well as being finished at the end with a pigtail twist.

They are available as both single cigars and as boxes of 24.


Juan Lopez Selección Superba Cigar

Juan Lopez Selección Superba Cigar was the UK Regional Edition for 2016. It was produced by Empresa de Habana, with only 6,000 boxes of ten cigars crafted in total.

Like many Regional Edition smokes, the cigar features two bands – one for the brand, and one that reads “Exclusivo Gran Bretana” – meaning exclusively for Great Britain.

The Juan Lopez Selección Superba Cigar marks the second cigar from the Juan Lopez brand that has been used as the Regional Edition for the UK. In 2009, they also released the 2009 Seleccion Suprema.

The Juan Lopez Selección Superba Cigar measures 5 7/8” x 54, making it a Geniales vitola. They are available as both single cigars and boxes of ten here at Havana House.


Ramon Allones Hunters and Frankau 225 Cigar

Created as the Regional Edition in 2015 in celebration of the 225th anniversary of Hunters and Frankau, the UK’s importer and distributor of Cuban cigars.

Only 50,000 of these cigars were made, making them a rare (and quite expensive) find. A single cigar costs £250, with a box of 25 coming in at £6,000.

The cigar is based on the Gordito vitola, measuring 5 ½” x 50, except it features a dropped head, or ‘Cabeza Tumbada’. The Ramon Allones Hunters and Frankau 225 Cigar was aged in the UK in a condition-controlled warehouse for two years prior to their release.

Have you ever tried any of these Regional Edition smokes before? If so, let us know which was your favourite in the comments below! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see when new Regional Edition cigars become available at Havana House.

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