Why are Cuban’s the Most Famous Cigar?

A selection of Cuban Cigars

Even a person who has never smoked in their whole life is bound to know Cuba’s reputation for being the go-to spot for sourcing the best cigars. But why are these cigars so renowned?

Perhaps looking at the history will give us some answers. Back in the 1960s, growing tensions between the US and Cuba were compounded by a trade deal with the Soviet Union. Due to this, sanctions were raised resulting in a trade embargo in 1962; one that is yet to be fully lifted. Of course, the illegality made it much more difficult for you to get your hands on Cuban cigars in America, which only served to elevate the cigars to a forbidden fruit status that everyone wanted a taste of.

Cuba has been at the top of the cigar game for centuries though, long before the trade bans ramped-up the excitement of Cubans. This extensive history has served the quality and technique well, as the expertise is passed through the generations. Having perfected the craft, the production of a Cuban cigar now involves over a hundred detailed, strictly followed, steps for each cigar. The hot climes and top soil quality have made Cuba the ideal environment for growing superior tobacco plants too, already putting it at an advantage over other cigar producing regions.

Cuba is the origin for many, now common, practices in the cigar world, such as playing around with flavour through the tobacco fermentation process, and using different parts of the plant to compose the wrapper, binder and filling. The corresponding leaves to each of these cigar components are even grown in different regions, where the conditions for each type of leaf will be at its prime. This also allows for the growers to become absolute experts in the particular leaf they are responsible for, allowing them to be cultivated to the absolute specifics required to ensure the supreme quality Cuban cigars are known for.

Cuban manufacturers futhered the progression of the cigar industry by constructing the cigars themselves at the source, rather than sending raw leaves off into the world. Besides, sealed cigars are more likely to make it overseas in a good condition, which may contribute to their appeal.

While everyone certainly knows Cuban cigars, their unique and powerful aroma makes them unpopular with those less accustomed to the world of cigar smoking. So let us know your thoughts in the comments or on social media; are Cubans the best type of cigars or do you prefer a different type?

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