Davidoff Introduces the Escurio Cigar

Davidoff Escurio

A night in Rio inspires the Davidoff Escurio cigar

The Davidoff Escurio is a truly exiting cigar worthy of a space in any aficionado’s humidor. As with every Davidoff blend, the Escurio has been inspired by Zino Davidoff’s pioneering spirit. In addition to this, team that it took to create this cigar found inspiration somewhere else.

Rio, the soul of Brazil, is a city that is at one with the rhythms, intrigue and rich experiences of its own nights. Just like an adventurous evening in this vibrant city, the Davidoff Escurio is a complex and original cigar with a taste that will lead you through unexpected twists and turns.

Allow us to introduce to you, the Escurio. Rhythm. Intrigue. Originality.

Have a taste of Rio at your own tempo

For many of us, time has become a luxury. As Zino himself once said ‘time beautifully spent’. Spend your time with the exiting sensations and stimulations of a Brazilian spicy Escurio Robusto or perhaps a well balanced Escurio mini cigarillo. Corona Gorda, Gran Toro, Gran Perfecto, Robusto, Petit Robusto and mini cigarillos; with so many vitolas at your disposal you can finally have the liberty of deciding when to start and finish your smoke.

Sweet meets spicy

Davidoff have given themselves a mission. To allow the modern aficionado to experience innovative, unique blend and unforgettable cigars. This mission has led them to create some of the finest cigars of our time. It has also led to the crafting of an exiting Brazilian cigar that delivers an intense, spicy sweet palate stimulation, coupled with the signature Davidoff refinement and sophistication. The successfulness of the cigar is yet to be discovered.

From the beginning, the cigar intrigues you when spice meets sweet as chilli pepper plays with softer, creamy notes. Soon this is being complemented in the next phase by flavours of oak, liquorice, salt and leather. Lastly coffee aromas arrive culminating in a finale of charming complexity. As you happen upon new tastes around every corner of this captivating cigar, there is never a dull moment for your palate. A cigar like this is only created once in a lifetime.

you may be wondering how it was done? The answer – the strong conviction that in fact, it could be done.

In the world of cigars, Brazil is mostly known for its dark tobacco, called Mata Fino tobacco. It is a sun grown tobacco which is typically used for wrappers and for premium, long filler cigars. Each Escurio utilises the Cubra leaf – the fire of the Cuban Criollo refined – and the Brazilian Mata Fina leaf as the pulsing heart of this blend of tobaccos. An Ecuadorian wrapper and Dominican tobaccos add beautiful balance.

What will become of the Davidoff Escurio cigar? Only time will tell. If you would like to get your hands on this cigar why don’t you follow this link to our Davidoff cigars page?

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