Davidoff cigars releases new and improved line of accessories

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Davidoff cigars have collaborated with leading Swiss design team, Atelier Oi to revamp their cigar accessory line with the aim to design accessories that are inspired by the relationship between cigar accessories, cigar rituals and enjoyment.

Davidoff, a world leader within the cigar industry, had the designers stick to the company’s philosophy of ‘crop to shop’ as well as the asymmetry of the tobacco leaf in their crafting of these new and improved accessories. This has led to a new organic pattern and style seen throughout the whole line with the Swiss company saying the new line “is true to Davidoff’s values of craftsmanship and timelessness, along with a contemporary touch of elegance.”

Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation at Oettinger Davidoff AG, Charles Awad, had this to say of the new line:

“Anything that touches on the enjoyment of cigars is important to us at Davidoff. Our cigars pass through as many as three hundred pairs of expert hands in the painstaking process of crafting them.

“Once they are in the aficionado’s hand, their quality and the enjoyment of the cigar is our concern. That is why we believe that the quality of the design, elegance and technical know-how behind our accessories makes a difference.”

The new designs include beautifully crafted dual-finish humidors and cigar boxes, compact humidors, lighters as well as ashtrays made from luxurious French porcelains.


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