How to Drink Like James Bond

While the infamous ‘shaken not stirred’ cocktail is renowned for being James Bond’s drink of choice, there are actually a number of mixed drinks sipped by the spy throughout his adventures in both the books and films. We take a look at some of the drinks best enjoyed by 007 himself!


Vodka Martini

We couldn’t start with anything other than this Bond classic. You’ve probably uttered the line at some point yourself when stood at the bar; “a Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred.” It’s the catchphrase that follows Bond throughout the spy series and is instantly recognisable. This is the drink most often consumed by Mr Bond, mixing vodka with dry vermouth (shaken, of course,) and garnishing with an olive or twist of lemon.


Vesper Martini

While the Vodka Martini is what Bond is known for, it was primarily used as the glamorous drink for the big screen. In the books, it is actually a Vesper Martini Bond sips between his action-packed adventures. As the first drink mentioned in the novels, it is clearly an important drink for the spy, who also claims to be the inventor of this particular cocktail. Bond’s special recipe involves three measures of Gordon’s gin, one of vodka, a half measure of Kina Lillet, shaken, with a chunk of lemon-peel delicately placed into the glass!


Scotch and Soda

This may be an unknown one for those who have only watched the movies, as this Bond favourite was omitted from the big-screen adaptations. Yet Bond enjoyed a scotch and soda or two (or twenty-one times, actually, to be precise!) in the novels. On his American expeditions he sampled the occasional bourbon, or brandy and ginger ale, but mostly he stayed true to his British roots with the Scotch.





Conversely, some of Bond’s drinking preferences are only seen in the films, having not appeared in Fleming’s interpretation of the spy. One such drink is the Mojito, which Bond was seen drinking in the 2002 film Die Another Day. At this time, the drink was very popular, explaining the choice to add this cocktail to the movie. In typical James Bond style, this drink was used as a way to introduce himself to the films Bond Girl, Jinx.



In more recent Bond offerings, it appears that product placement has trumped the spy’s personal tastes, with James seen to trade in the classy classics for a simple bottle of Heineken. Let’s hope he can return to something that can be shaken without frothing everywhere in future!



A list of James Bond’s drinking habits would not be complete without mentioning champagne. While he sipped upon a range of bubbly in the books, the film Bond sticks solely to Champagne Bollinger. This particular Champagne has featured in more than half of the Bond films, making fourteen appearances. The links between this brand and the film franchise are so strong, in fact, that the company has produced a number of 007 inspired bottles and coolers to celebrate the spy!


When enjoying one of these drinks, why not pair it with a Cuban cigar?! Bond showed off his penchant for Cubans in Die Another Day, so we reckon he’d enjoy a quality Romeo y Julieta cigar!

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