How to Enjoy the Perfect After Christmas Dinner Cigar

Christmas dinner and drinks laid out on table

There are of course many occasions to enjoy a cigar, from the birth of a baby to a special birthday. Yet the tradition of an ‘after dinner’ cigar perhaps seems most fitting for Christmas Day, a time that we all like to enjoy those little luxuries in life. For many cigar-lovers, savouring a smoke after a glorious Christmas dinner is part and parcel of the yuletide festivities. And let’s be honest, what sounds better than sinking into an arm chair, cigar in hand after a hearty Christmas meal? Here at Havana House, we want to give you our top tips on how to enjoy that perfect ‘after (Christmas) dinner’ cigar to help make the experience of a festive smoke as pleasurable as possible.

Choosing Your Cigar

If you are after a special cigar to enjoy after your Christmas feast, why not try one of our luxurious Davidoff cigars. The Davidoff Yamasa Piramides Cigar is perfect for the festive season, initially boasting a rich flavour of nuts and spices followed with warm hints of coffee, cedar wood and a dash of black pepper. Not only will the flavour of this stogie tantalise your taste buds, but it will also provide you with the joy of unwrapping as it comes placed in a beautiful black box.


Lighting Up

Having an efficient yet stylish lighter is another important aspect of the Christmas smoke experience. The Xikar Linea Single Jet Flame Cigar Lighter in Red is not only easy to use with its quick push-down ignition and auto retractable lid, but its seasonal colour will have you feeling festive in no time. Additionally, its clear fuel window will enable you to top up before you get too low on gas, so you’ll always be prepared for that special post-dinner smoke.


Toasty by the Fire

Once you’re equipped with your chosen stick and lighter, retiring to the chair for a leisurely smoke is a must, especially if you’re faced with a battle to stay warm if you venture outside. However, before you settle yourself in front of a no doubt roaring fire, you may want to pour yourself a tipple to enhance your smoking experience. For many gentlemen, a tumbler of whiskey is the perfect accompaniment to a spicy cigar. The Dalmore Cigar Malt Scotch Whisky offers a range of flavours, starting off rich and creamy and leaving a rich and fruity essence. However, if your nan’s Christmas pudding was particularly boozy this year and you’re feeling a little too merry, you may want to opt for something softer, perhaps a strong cup of coffee to compliment your cigar. The Cubita Ground Cuban Coffee 230g Pack is chemical free and denotes strong earthy flavours combined with a sweet caramel finish, ideal as a complimentary beverage.


Christmas Day is certainly a special occasion and for us, it is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a luxurious smoking experience. Having a minute to yourself after the hustle and bustle of a raucous Christmas dinner is an integral part of the festivities but can be made even more relaxing by savouring that special cigar. Let us know how your planning to enjoy your Christmas day cigar on our social media channels.


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