9 Facts About Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba cigars are one of the best-loved brands of Cuban cigars. The Cohiba brand name has become synonymous with luxury, quality and flavour. Anyone who gets to smoke one of these cigars is in for a real treat!

Whether Cohiba has already firmly established themselves as your favourite cigar brand, or you’re just starting to investigate this brand to discover which Cohiba cigar to buy, we have compiled some fun facts about this fascinating brand!


Cohiba Means Tobacco

We’ll start with the name – Cohiba – which is the word for ‘tobacco’ in Taíno. Taíno is the native language of the indigenous Arawak people in Cuba, that was spoken on the island before the Spanish colonised Cuba.


Cohiba Started as a Private Brand for Fidel Castro

Cohiba originated as a private brand, with cigars created especially for Fidel Castro. At the time, the only Cohiba cigar that was made was the Lancero, measuring 7 ½ inches x 38 ring gauge.

The only way to get your hands on a Cohiba was if Castro had given you a box as a diplomatic gift. As such, these cigars were largely restricted to heads of state and dignitaries.

Cohiba Cigars Became Commercially Available in 1982

Cohiba cigars had an air of mystery as a brand that wasn’t publically available, and every cigar lover wanted a taste! Luckily, the brand started to become commercially available in 1982. However, for the first few years, Cohiba cigars were only available to buy in Spain.

At this time, the brand produced three sizes of cigars for sale to the public. This included a Lancero, known as Laguito No. 1; a Corona Especial, known as Laguito No. 2; and a Panetela, known as Laguito No. 3.

The cigar brand became globally available in 1989. At this point, Cohiba branched into some larger sizes, including the Robusto and Esplendido, as well as the tiny proportioned Exquisito cigar.


Cohiba is Cuba’s Most Expensive Cigar Brand

Cohibas are the most expensive cigars in the world, in terms of regular production series. It is not unusual to find single Cohiba cigars in their standard production series being sold for £40-50. Cigars in the Behike range are far more expensive, with a single stogie costing between £130-150!

Cohiba is this price for a reason, and that is the superior quality and standards that go into creating these premium smokes. If you find a cheaper than usual Cuban Cohiba, it is more than likely a fake.


Cohiba Has Four Lines of Cigars

The Cohiba brand now contains four collections, that they call ‘series’. This includes The La Línea Clásica Series (aka the core line), The La Línea 1492 Series (aka the Siglo Series), The Maduro 5 Series and The Behike Series.

As well as this, Cohiba have released three Edición Limitada cigars and two special releases.

Of these, the Behike line is considered the most prestigious, and are seen as being the very top of the Cohiba portfolio. They are also the most expensive!


The Siglo Series Was a Replacement for Davidoff

Competing brand Davidoff started out as a Cuban brand before they relocated to the Dominican Republic following the nationalisation of Cuban cigar companies.

With Davidoff out of the picture, there was a gap in the Cuban cigar market for cigars of certain sizes. To fill this gap, the Linea 1492 or Siglo Series range came out. Four of the six cigars in this series match sizes of cigars that were produced by Davidoff.


We Don’t Know Where the Tobacco is Grown

Of course, the tobacco is grown in Cuba, but we don’t know which farms Cohiba use for their cigars. All people know is that the farms used are located in Pinar del Rio. 


There Are Lots of Fakes

There is a great demand for Cohiba cigars, and as such a sought-after and expensive luxury item, there is, unfortunately, a huge industry of fake cigars.

Cohiba cigars are counterfeited more than any type of cigar brand in the world.

Avoiding fake cigars is important. They are often made of subpar tobacco, swept off the factory floors and rolled without the rigorous standards and checks that come with a genuine smoke. Tobacco swept from the floor could contain any amount of hair, bugs and rodent droppings, making fake cigars unsafe, as well as providing a greatly inferior smoking experience.

To combat this, the brand has produced advanced packaging and branding to beat counterfeiters and make it easier to identify a genuine Cohiba cigar. Cohiba cigars now feature bands with anti-counterfeit holograms from top to bottom, as well as special gold embossments, making them harder to replicate.


Cohiba Produced Cuba’s First 60 Ring Gauge Cigar for Sale

As the years go by, the boundaries for cigar ring gauge sizes are continually pushed by cigar manufacturers. In 2016, in celebration of Cohiba’s 50th anniversary, the brand released Cuba’s first 60 ring gauge cigar that was commercially available.

The Cohiba 50 cigars were 7 inches long by 60 ring gauge. The special cigars were only available in Elie Bleu humidors that each contained 50 of the commemorative cigars. These humidors were all sold at auction.


Trying Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba are an incredible brand with a rich and fascinating history. While these fun facts give us a great insight into the brand, we think the best way to get to know Cohiba is by trying out their premium smokes.

Here at Havana House, we have an extensive collection of Cohiba cigars, including the Cohiba Behike range and limited edition cigars. Check out our full range today and discover the true beauty of Cohiba for yourself!

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