Fantastic pipe tobacco blends at Havana House

There is definitely a colder chill in the air, and winter sees some of our favourite activities come to life; cosy wood fires, warming drinks, winter walks and comfy nights in with some top quality cigars.

Another loved past time that just seems to make sense during the winter months is lighting up our smoking pipe, and you should too; pick up one of the flavourful pipe tobacco blends listed below and add an exciting new method to your smoking repertoire!


Peterson Holiday Season 2016 Pipe Tobacco


This fantastic pipe tobacco will certainly get you into the festive period as soon as you open the tin for the first time. This 2016 holiday blend is comprised of rough-cut and broken flake burley, alongside ribbon cut black cavendish and chunky bright Virginia.
Boasting a mellow smoke with a natural sweetness, it is gaining rave reviews for its fruity tasting profile that will remind you of apricots and Christmas liqueurs.


Erinmore Mixture Pipe Tobacco


Erinmore Mixture pipe tobacco is considered to be one of oldest tobacco blends in the world with their blend a secret recipe. Tightly guarded among the Erinmore family, only two members of each generation ever find out the secret ingredients, which has been a tradition for almost two hundred years since the brand began in Ireland.

With the recipe being a secret, smoking aficionados the world over love to speculate about this iconic brand with many saying the tobacco comes from some of the finest growing regions in the world.

What we do know is that they use naturally sweetened Virginia tobacco mixed with cool black Cavendish to create the distinctive Erinmore aroma and flavour.


Rattray’s Sweet Fragrant Pipe Tobacco


Using various Virginia and Burley tobaccos as well as broad leaf flakes makes the character of this mixture, which results in a creamy tasting profile with fruity undertones. Expect the vanilla to come through first, followed by the plum, grape and raisin flavours.

A fantastic blend to have next to the fire surrounded by family as the room note is pleasant and not overpowering.


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