Our favourite Davidoff cigars at Havana House

Davidoff cigars are renowned the world over and are the go to choice for many cigar aficionados due their distinct aromas and tasting note profiles.

Davidoff cigars have immersed themselves in the philosophy of “The Good Life” and have been vocal about their belief that living well is in fact an art form, even marketing their high-end products to those “looking to take time to experience all the nuances of pleasure that life offers.”


Their cigars are characteristically mild, yet still have a wide range of flavour notes for you to enjoy regardless of whether you’re a cigar veteran or a newbie to the magical world of cigar smoking. This month we have seen the arrival of the Davidoff Royal Release Salomones and Robusto which will appeal to the serious cigar connoisseur, who embodies Davidoff’s “Good Life” philosophy, but we also have some Davidoff cigars that will appeal to all stogie lovers, check out some of our favourites below!



Davidoff Escurio Gran Toro Cigar

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This is an exceptionally entertaining cigar which will take you on a journey into new stimulations and sensations. Each Escurio cigar mixes the Cubra leaves, the fire of the Cuban Criollo refined and the dark Brazilian Mata Fina leaf, pulsating at the heart of this original blend of tobaccos.

Dominican filler tobaccos and a Habano Seed Ecuadorian wrapper add a beautiful balance to this unique cigar. At the start of this magnificent smoke, the blend will intrigue you when the spicy notes meet the sweeter ones, with the chilli pepper that plays with softer, creamy notes. This is soon complemented in the second third by flavours of oak, liquorice, fruit, salt and leather. Finishing off with coffee and chilli chocolate flavours that arrive, culminating in a finale of charming complexity.


Davidoff Winston Churchill Petit Corona – The Artist Cigar

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The Artist cigar, from Davidoff’s Winston Churchill line, is a Petit Corona crafted to commemorate a side of Churchill which is undiscovered to most people. When he wasn’t on a diplomatic mission or sat with his war chiefs conjuring up a new strategy, Sir Winston was sat in front of a canvas, brush in one hand, cigar in the other, painting serenely.

The cigar is very strong, with perfectly blended notes of pepper and oak wood with the blends found in the series being very original with tobacco from prime regions throughout the world such as Dominican, Nicaragua, Mexico and more.


Davidoff Yamasa Petit Churchill Cigar

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.39.24

Another exceptional smoke from Davidoff, the new Yamasa Petit Churchill cigar combines tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with a wrapper and binder from the famed Yamasa region.

The small sub-province of Monte Plata is known for its earthiness which can be tasted in this much-adored smoke, combining the spice and sweetness of the Nicaraguan Esteli and Condega tobaccos, as well as the Dominican Piloto and Mejorado. This small cigar has a deep and complex body that slowly reveals itself through an array of beautiful flavours and is a must-add to your humidor!

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