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The importance of lighting a cigar is often overlooked, but a lot of patience goes into achieving the perfect light, with lighting a cigar much different from picking up any old lighter and lighting a cigarette.

Imagine toasting a marshmallow on a campfire, where you keep the marshmallow just above the flame rotating it so you toast it lightly all over. This is much the same for cigars: you are using a specially designed cigar lighter to lightly toast the cigar above the flame paying special care to making sure the flame doesn’t directly light your cigar; this causes the flavour to be harmed as the tobacco is carbonised. So it’s best to rotate your cigar as you use your cigar lighter so you can heat all sides of the cigar evenly.

Just allow plenty of time and be patient so you can perfect the technique and achieve the desirable glowing ring around the circumference of the cigar. Once that is achieved, gently blow on the embers of the stogie to create a rounded ash.

Most importantly, take your time. Be patient and allow the flame to create a glowing ring around the circumference of the cigar. Once the cigar is lit, gently blow on the embers to create a smooth, rounded ash.

To limit the risk of ruining your favourite smokes we suggest the following cigar lighters here at Havana House. Check them out below:


Blazer Mark II


The Blazer Mark II Torch Cigar Lighter is a great economic cigar lighter that boasts a 2500ºF wind resistant blue torch flame built with the highest engineering standards that you associate with Blazer. It features a fuel adjustment dial, child resistant mechanism, flip top cover and a flame locking lever.


Xikar Allume Table Top Lighter


This sleek beautifully designed triple flame lighter features a crisp side squeeze ignition giving the user additional power and performance when lighting up their favourite cigars.


ST Dupont Line 2 Palladium Finish


A lighter for a true aficionado who appreciates the finer things in life. Not only looks exquisite but the craftsmanship and functionality are second to none, something you always associate with ST Dupont.


Vector Mega Pump


For people who like something a little bit different the Vector Mega Pump is for you. This table-top collectable boasts a powerful single jet flame that can be used in the comfort of your home or out in the windy great outdoors. With Vector’s strict quality control you receive a cigar lighter that performs exceptionally, time after time.


Dunhill Rollagas Tiger


The Rollagas’ iconic shape is Dunhill’s most popular and oldest cigar lighter design. Boasting a classic flint roll-bar ignition that provides exceptional and perfect cigar lighting every time. Truly a worthwhile investment.



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