Five of the best ashtrays at Havana House

For the optimum enjoyment when smoking a finely crafted cigar, you should have all the correct cigar accessories. From torch lighters to cigar cutters, these accessories make sure you are not doing anything to potentially damage your stogie and ruin the enjoyment process.

One item that often gets overlooked is the cigar ashtray, and we have seen some truly dreadful things used as ashtrays, from a cut in half water bottle to the inside of a tennis ball!

When buying an ashtray, you should consider the five following aspects:

  • Quality Materials and Craftsmanship – Is it sturdy, solid and well made? Will it rust, melt or fall apart when used or washed?
  • Reliability – Will it do the job you require without compromising your cigar?
  • Functionality – Will it elevate your cigar from touching any surface and able to hold ash, cigar butts and used matches?
  • Design – Cigar ashtrays are purposely created with the cigar smoker in mind with the best ashtrays able to accommodate a wide range of cigar ring sizes.
  • Appeal factor – It should look and feel sturdy, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


Below you will find five of our favourite ashtrays here at Havana House, which you can buy in store or online:


Xikar Portable Ashtray Can










The Xikar Portable Ashtray Can is great for any cigar aficionado who enjoys a cigar while on the go, whether that’s the morning car commute or a weekend away in the wilderness.

Coming in stainless steel or black leather, the can fits perfectly in the drinks holder of your car, and the spiral ring allows you to place down your cigar in a moving vehicle. Economical, practical and easy to use, this should be in every cigar lover’s collection.


Elie Bleu Flor de Alba Ashtray











The Flor de Alba or Alba flower in English is a pattern that is steeped in tradition in Cuban culture and has become a staple of Elie Bleu line. From lighters to humidors, the Flor de Alba mosaic-like style can be seen with the Flor de Alba ashtray which has been hand sculpted from premium French porcelain.

Once the piece has dried, the famed and highly skilled artists at Elie Bleu pick up their fine brushes and begin to work and astonishingly can produce a few of them a day!


Havana Club Egoista Gold Ashtray











If you love a bit of bling in your life, then this is the ashtray for you, with the Havana Club collection enchanting a large number of cigar aficionados with its range of elegant and practical designs, directly inspired by the Cuban art of good living.

The piece is hand sculpted in France by master artisans before being hand painted with gold. The range features other warm and zesty colours as well as a variety of shapes, but this ashtray is surely the most luxurious. Only 30 pieces of this gold-plated ashtray were made, making each one feel a little more special.


Elie Bleu Egoist Black Cigar Ashtray










Carved from a single piece of wood, the black lacquered single cigar ashtray by Elie Bleu has six plots for six very small contacts with the cigar. The egoist ashtray makes for good cigar combustion as it allows for superb air circulation in between draws. A fantastic ashtray that would best suit your office or man cave!


Rosewood Portable Cigar Ashtray










Another fantastic portable cigar ashtray, but this one is best suited to take around to your friend’s cigar herf as opposed to a night in the sticks!

This exceptionally made portable ashtray is finished with beautiful rosewood containing everything you need to enjoy your stogie; detachable, easy clean ashtray bowl, single guillotine cutter and a cigar punch. To keep everything in place, there is an invisible magnetic grip; a fantastic cigar accessory at a small price.



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