The Gentleman’s Guide to Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave

Whether you have a basement space, loft conversion or spare room, constructing the perfect man cave can be a great way to get some much-needed space of your own to relax in. Whatever you decide to use this space for, be it as a place to gather with your friends, or just to sit back and sip some whisky away from the world, the room should be representative of you, from the colour choices to the style. Hopefully, this handy guide can inspire you and help you on your way to creating the perfect stylish space just for you.


Before You Begin

There are a couple of things you must consider before you start to decorate your room. First up is the insulation. This is especially the case if you are converting a previously unused living space such as a basement, loft, garage or shed, as this can really help to keep in the heat during winter and cool the space down in the summer. It is also important for all spaces as a form of soundproofing. If you are planning on using your new man cave as a place to watch the football, play games or see a movie on the flat screen, then it can be a great idea to keep these sounds out so as to not annoy the other people in the house or the neighbours!

Now is also the time to begin thinking of extras you may want that may require some work at this stage. For example, if you know you want a mini fridge, new lights and a sound system installed then you need to consider if you have the right electrics in place to deal with all of these additions.

If you are a cigar aficionado and want to use this space as a place to enjoy a stogie or two, then this can also be the time to put some smoke ventilation systems in place. If you have a suitably sized window, then a window fan can be easily installed to waft away any smoke. Alternatively, you can invest in a smoke eater to keep the air clean all year round, so that drafts do not get in through the window fan.


Style of the Room

Many men feel somewhat unsure when it comes to interior design. Finding the perfect balance between making spaces feel both functional, comfortable and stylish can be tricky, especially when you are a little unconfident in home trends.

Minimalism has remained a very big trend in design for a few years now and can prove very easy for those who like to keep things simple. Picking a minimalistic style means you won’t have to worry about colour, or which massive, vibrant floral pattern matches the curtains! The only risk here is that it can end up looking a little too much like an office, so adding in a little pop of colour via a rug or piece of wall art can go a long way!

Alternatively, an industrial style space can look great, especially if you’re in a basement space. Opting for bare brick walls, distressed wood and big filament bulbs can bring a chic flair to a space and requires minimal maintenance as the sense of grunginess just adds to its edginess. This is the perfect space for adding in some vintage tables and luxurious leather armchairs for a cosy place to sit back with a good book and a stogie.

If you’re into something a little more put together than this, then opt for something slightly more classic, with a comfy yet stylish sofa perfectly positioned to see the TV screen! Keep it classy with navy blue and dark brown coloured furniture and accents.


The Essentials

There are some things that just make a man cave a man cave. Of course, you don’t actually need to have every one of these things (they probably wouldn’t all fit!), but picking a few can transform your once ordinary space into something truly special.

The first step will be to get in all of the tech things you want, be it a TV, complete with games consoles and sound system, or a computer tucked away on a desk for any projects you may want to work on from the comfort of your cave.

Next comes the really fun part, where you can treat yourself to a bar and humidor for when you entertain or just want to relax in the evening. This can be a full-blown bar with refrigeration cabinets, stools and more whisky bottles than you could ever have imagined, through to a smaller drinks trolley or cabinet if you’re really pressed for space. Likewise, this new space can present you with the chance to up your cigar collection, or show off what you’ve got in style.

Humidors are essential to keeping your cigars in great condition, so its best not to skimp here. Splashing out on something top quality is certainly worth it, especially if you consider cigars to be an investment!

Finally, if you have any space remaining, then this could be the chance to get something fun like a poker or pool table, or even a retro arcade game. Floor space a bit limited? Pop a dart board on any spare wall space for the same effect!


What would you add to your dream man cave? Let us know in the comments below!




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