A Gentleman’s Guide to Summer Activities

From an afternoon of barbecuing to a competitive game of tennis, the summer season presents the opportunity to enjoy a range of gentlemanly pursuits. If you’re searching for some great activities to get you outdoors during the warm summer months, check out our gentleman’s guide to summer activities below to ensure you make the most of this wonderful season:


Summer basically equates to barbecue season, so why not dust off the grill and head out into the garden for a spot of cooking? Whether you’re spending an afternoon in the garden with the kids or cracking open a cold one with the lads, everyone loves a barbecue, making it the perfect summer activity. Cook up some classic chargrilled treats such as burgers, sausages or steaks, all full of delicious meatiness! Enjoy with a cold beverage and some delectable Cuban cigars.

A man cooking some sausages on a barbecue



It’s amazing how many types of birds can be seen during summer, making it the ideal time to grab your binoculars and venture out into the wilderness (or your back garden) to observe these flying animals. If you consider yourself a bit of a handyman as many of us do, you could even embark on a summer DIY project and build a little birdbox for your flying neighbours to rest in during those long summer nights.

A small bird nestled in the green undergrowth



Revive those nostalgic family holidays with a camping trip this summer. Whether it’s a weekend break or a seven-day getaway, camping is a great way to make the most of the warm weather as well as being a fairly cheap alternative to a pricey trip abroad. Venture into the countryside or head down to the coast to pitch up for a few days, ensuring you take the basic essentials such as a tent, sleeping bags, airbeds and of course, beer!

A green tent in pitched in the middle of a wooded area



The art of fishing is a delicate one and requires both determination and patience (as we gentleman know all too well). If you’re a man with a love of nature, this is the ideal activity for you this summer. Set up near a river, lake or even the sea and cast out your rod to see what you can catch! While a day of fishing is certainly a relaxing pastime to enjoy, be sure to lather yourself in sun cream first to avoid getting burnt under those sizzling rays!

A fishing weight floating on the surface of a lake



What better time of year to take up gardening? While grabbing a fork and tending to those overgrown flower beds may not seem like the most pleasurable activity to partake in during sweltering weather, the fruits of your labours will soon begin to show as bulbs begin to flourish and your garden becomes transformed into a haven of colour and new life.

Although summer is the best time for any plant life to thrive, growing vegetables is far easier in this season than any other, so why not section off a part of your garden to create your very own veggie patch? Choose from an array of vibrant vegetables to grow including corn, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes!

A gardening spade dug into soil



Hiking is another enjoyable outdoor pursuit that the warm weather permits. Whether you’re trekking up mountains or taking a brisk walk through the countryside, there’s nothing quite like a hike in the summertime when the sun is shining, and wherever you are, the views are superb. So, pack up a backpack and head out into the great outdoors…

A man with a backpack and sticks hiking along a mountain path



If you’re a competitive chap who loves watching Wimbledon, you’ll love participating a few games of tennis this summer with a fellow sportsman or two. Spend an evening battling it out at your local tennis court or set up a net in your back garden for an afternoon match! Whether it’s with family or friends, tennis is a great activity that’s not only enjoyable but will also help keep you fit during the summer months.

A tennis racket and ball on an orange tennis court


Do you have any more suggestions to add to our gentleman’s guide to summer activities? If so, we’d love to hear about them – get in touch on our social media channels now to tell us how you’ve been spending your days in the sun!

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