A Gentleman’s shop in Bath

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A Gentleman’s Shop in Bath

More than 100 years after the shop first opened it’s doors to the public, Havana House acquired the traditional tobacconist that was formally known as Frederick Tranter’s Bath. The small shop is located in the centre of the historic town of Bath, near Abbey Green. Kelvin, the personable manger of the store will be only too pleased to aid your purchasing decisions. Whether you are a cigar aficionado, whisky enthusiast or a cloud chasing vaper.

For the cigar aficionado

Our humidor is filled with a wide range of cigars from across the globe. Dominican cigars, Honduran cigars and, of course, Cuban cigars. Alongside our cigars, we also offer a broad selection of accessories such as cigar cutters, jet lighters, ashtrays and humidors. There is no doubt that you will recognise some of the best names in the cigar cutlery business such as Xikar, Dunhill and Elie Bleu.

For the pipe smoker

Cigars are not the only tobacco product that Kelvin offers. Havana House is a tobacconist after all. Whether you are an up and coming pipe smoker looking for an aromatic blend or a seasoned veteran in the search for a dark, traditional tobacco, we have something to offer. Be sure to ask Kelvin for the ‘Keller Mixture’, which is his own secret blend of pipe tobacco that Bath pipe smokers can’t get enough of.

For those who smoke roll up cigarettes, we stock our own blend of flavoured hand rolling tobacco as well. Not to mention the numerous cigarette brands that you will not find in your local off license such as Davidoff, Dunhill and Karelia.

For the whisky enthusiast

Not long after Havana House acquired the shop, a premises licence was granted. After all, what is a gentleman’s shop without a selection of malts? For those who prefer a traditional dram, we offer a selection of single malts from Scotland. If, instead, you are a more experimental whisky drinker, we have a range of Japanese whiskies such as the award winning Nikka from the Barrel.

Our shelves aren’t just stocked with some of the best whiskies in town, but we also supply other spirits such as Rum, Cognac and Gin. Diplomatico Rum has been particularly popular among customers for it’s sweet and smooth finish.

For the cloud chasing vaper

Havana House Bath is a traditional shop, however, we are still rolling with the times. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among our customers. We sell kits from the most basic Aspire K2 to the Smok Alien. If you are looking for e-liquid we stock some of the biggest British brands in the business, in addition to small up-and-coming juice lines.

Other things to do in Bath

The old British city of Bath is most famous for its natural hot Springs, which were utilized by the Roman empire to create some of the biggest public baths in the world! It is common knowledge that the Roman Baths are best visited just after sunset by torchlight.

If you are looking for a place to smoke your cigar, Alexandra Park is a fantastic area to take in the beautiful Bath Skyline. The city’s 18th century Georgian architecture, built with honey-coloured stone, is truly amazing. The pinnacle of Bath’s architecture is the Abbey, noted for it’s large stain glassed windows and multiple towers.

Finally, if you happen to be in bath during the festive season, light up your tobacco and visit the Christmas market. It is one of the best in the world! The 18-day shopping extravaganza is regularly voted one of the most popular events in the UK.

Next time you are in Bath, be sure to pay Kelvin a visit at Havana House.


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