Gifts for Every Type of Cigar Smoker

Santa smoking a cigar

Gift shopping is rarely a simple task, but there are certainly ways to make the experience easier. Follow our guide to finding the right cigar gift for your loved ones, based on the type of cigar smoker they are.

The Non-Cigar Smoker

If you’d like to offer the gift of a delicious smoke to a friend who hasn’t enjoyed the delights of a cigar before, there are plenty of gift options for the cigar novice. It’s probably best not to launch them straight into the world with a big box of Cubans; they likely won’t know what they like yet, or if it’s a habit they want to maintain! Instead, treat them to a single cigar or two from a top brand, allowing them to get a taste for high-quality smokes. A gift box, such as the Montecristo Open Master Cigar Gift Box is an ideal choice, as the set also includes a cigar cutter, ensuring they have a piece of essential kit that they would not ordinarily own. Alternatively, you can take a look at our top ten cigars for new cigar smokers for more inspiration.


The Cigar Beginner

If you’re buying a gift for someone who has recently taken up cigar smoking, then you’ll have many options when it comes to picking a present. Newbies to the world of cigars will have a lot of taste testing ahead of them to find out what kind of cigars they like best and are willing to invest more money into. Therefore, you’ll probably be pretty safe opting for a medium-bodied cigar or two.

Beginner cigar smokers will also be in need of some accessories, with lighters, cigar cutters and cigar ashtrays being the top three. Our Havana Hamper is, therefore, a great choice of gift for the beginner smoker. Not only does it contain four cigars, but also all the kit a cigar smoker needs. The cigars included are two Romeo y Julieta No.3 and two H. Upmann Corona Junior tubos cigars – two of the biggest cigar brands in the world!


The Cigar Enthusiast

A cigar enthusiast is someone who has been smoking cigars for some time – although they may not have decided on a favourite cigar yet. Not one to settle for a mediocre smoke, a cigar enthusiast can be somewhat tricky to buy for, as they’re always looking for the next best smoke. As someone who likes to sample a wide range of different smokes in search of ‘the one’, a selection pack of cigars is an ideal gift for a cigar enthusiast.

If they can handle the stronger experience of a full-bodied cigar, then the Cuban Perla Selection Gift Box would be a great choice. Containing five cigars from top Cuban brands – two Rafael Gonzalez Perla, two Montecristo No.5 and one Cohiba Siglo I – the set is presented within a polished wooden gift box. Best for those who are more experienced with smoking, these cigars are medium to full in strength and are packed with flavour.


The Cigar Collector

While you may think that finding a cigar-related present for a collector is a particularly difficult task, but it doesn’t actually need to be that hard! Look for specially launched cigars, such as Limited Edition, Edicion Regional and Anniversary smokes. Here at Havana House, we have a wide selection of rare, aged and vintage cigars that you can choose from.

If you’d rather steer away from buying cigars, then why not opt for a humidor? All cigar collectors need great humidors to keep their collection safe at the precise conditions required to ensure cigars taste their best. It will certainly go to good use, allowing your loved one to expand or organise their collection further.


The Cigar Aficionado

Buying a gift for someone who knows everything there is to know about cigars can seem like an impossible task. A cigar aficionado will know what they like and what they don’t. While you may be tempted to conflate being a cigar aficionado with being a lover of full-bodied smokes, this may be a dangerous path to follow. While many more experienced cigar smokers can certainly handle an intensely strong smoke, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what they enjoy! Instead, it may be best to opt for a more classic cigar; something like a Romeo y Julieta Churchill, which can be found here at Havana House in a beautiful presentation box, accompanied by a cigar cutter. Even if they’ve smoked one of these 100 times before, a cigar aficionado will still appreciate the timeless tastes of this beautiful and flawless cigar.


Check out the rest of our gift guide section for more present ideas for your loved ones, including a wide range of whisky for those loved ones that don’t smoke!

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