A Guide to the Autumn Essentials

Gentleman in brogues walks through autumn leaves.

You may think we are a little early to talk about autumn here, but before we know it, the autumn leaves will begin to fall, and summer will be gone. So, in the spirit of being organised, we have listed the essentials every gentleman will need for the autumn season.


Warm, Fashionable Clothing

As the weather begins to cool in the autumn and winter months, our wardrobes must adjust to match the colder temperatures. As we enter the last section of the summer season, it is time to draw your attention to your autumn wardrobe.

Fashion catwalks have cemented the trends for Autumn/Winter 2017, and the main points to take away are:

  • The go-to colours are camel and olive, and the fashion experts implore you to wear this head to toe, from your tops to your coats and even all the way down to your socks. Mixing shades of these colours, and even experimenting with different patterns will ensure you are making the biggest impact. If you want to go for a subtle look, add in sections of cream to break up the colour.
  • Roll necks are back, and we can rejoice in the fact that our necks will stay warm in the milder months! Roll necks dominated the catwalks across the world, in all sorts of colours, thicknesses and styles. If you are a little overwhelmed by the choices, we suggest going for a statement camel or thin charcoal roll neck that can be put on under any of your suits. For a more casual look, opt for a large chunky knit that will be both comfortable and fashionable.


Appropriate Footwear

There is just something about a leather pair of brogues crunching on the leaves that just epitomises autumn. Brogues are an essential part of your work outfit this autumn and will match any suit you choose to sport. They can also work from day to night if you have any social gatherings or dinner arrangements early in the evening.

For the weekends, you will need a chunky pair of boots that will keep your feet warm, but also ensure you are on trend. Sturdy boots will also come in handy for the brisk walks around the countryside with your partner and the pooch.



Okay, this is perhaps more of a year-round essential; however, in the autumn months, there’s nothing like taking out a fine cigar on the milder evenings, by an open fire, and smoking the eve away – particularly in good company! You don’t want to get caught out when your friends or even your boss pops round for an evening tipple. Don’t worry if you are not located near any of our stores; you can buy cigars online from our website; we have a fine selection to suit everyone’s tastes.


Good Reads

Once you’ve said goodbye to the long summer days, it is time to retreat to your man cave. Hibernating, as such, during the evenings is what makes the autumn and winter months so spectacular! It is in these months you can take a moment for yourself, with less social engagements taking up your valuable time.

In your man cave, ensure there is plenty of entertainment to keep you occupied during these lazy evenings. We recommend you take this time to invest in a good book, or two; whilst TV is easy entertainment, literature offers you a much more invaluable experience, allowing you to nurture your knowledge. Regardless of your interests, there is a book suitable for everyone.


Grooming Sets

As the weather blows a little chillier, many men may consider growing their facial hair. In this instance, one of the autumn essentials will be a grooming kit; these kits must include beard oil, trimming scissors, brush, shampoo and electric trimmer. This will allow you to keep your beard under control, which for most, can become unruly if left to its own devices.

If you prefer to be clean-shaven, make sure you have top-quality shaving razors and products to ensure you look your best. We have a number of razors that allow you to achieve a close shave, and after-care products to soothe your skin.

If you follow our guide, you should be prepared when the summer transitions into autumn. Let us know, via our social media channels, if you think there are any other autumn essentials we have missed off the list; we’d love to hear how you prepare for the new season!

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