Guide to Buying Bulk vs Tinned Tobacco

Whether you’re looking for pipe tobacco or hand-rolling tobacco, both options can often be found in bulk or tinned varieties. Both varieties have pros and cons and deciding which is best for you to buy may not be immediately apparent. Here we explore the differences between bulk or tinned tobacco, so that you can discover which is best for you.


What is the Difference Between Bulk and Tinned Tobacco?

Bulk and tinned tobacco are exactly the same type of tobacco, from the same blend, they are just packaged differently. One portion will be put in a smaller tin, which can typically hold around 50g of tobacco.

Some of the tobacco will instead be packaged in a larger bag, which can be around 500g of tobacco, and so you end up buying the tobacco in bulk. Essentially, the tobacco itself is the same thing, so you must consider which packaging option is best for you, and there are a number of factors to this.



Before you even try to work out whether you’re best off with bulk or tinned tobacco, it would be a good idea to check which formats the blend you want is available in.

While a lot of tobaccos will come in both tinned and bulk packets, others won’t, so it’s always a good idea to check. Some manufacturers will make both, whereas others specialise in only making bulk or only making tinned tobacco.



The price is often a key consideration when deciding which tobacco to buy. While tinned tobacco will typically be cheaper in the short term, bulk buying tobacco can be a worthwhile investment, as it is likely to work out cheaper overall.

For example, you could pay £12 and get 30 grams of tobacco, or pay £190 for 500 grams of tobacco, which would overall save you £10. The exact prices and savings will depend on the brand of tobacco you use.


Is It What You Like?

Another important factor is whether or not you have tried the blend before. Tobacco isn’t a one-blend-suits-all situation; everyone will have a preference when it comes to the flavour, aroma and experience of a particular tobacco.

If there is a tobacco you love and smoke all the time, then it would make sense to buy a big bulk bag of it, if available. However, if you’re deciding to try something new, then it would be better to buy a smaller tin, as you don’t want to be forking out lots of money and being stuck with 500g of tobacco you find un-smokable!


Is it a Gift?

If you are gifting tobacco to a friend, then it would probably be advisable to purchase a tin, rather than bulk, unless they have specified the exact blend they love. That way, if they don’t love the tobacco, it won’t matter as much.

Besides, tins look neater and have nicer packaging, making it a better gift option than a literal bag of tobacco!



Another key point to consider is your storage availability. If you have the space to safely store bigger bags of tobacco without it losing its flavour, then buying in bulk is fine.

But if you are a bit tight for space, then purchasing individual tins is perhaps the better option.

It should also be noted that bulk blends should be placed in an airtight jar once you get them, to ensure the tobacco does not dry out.



Consider where you will be smoking your tobacco. While it’s easy enough to find a tin you can pop your tobacco into when you leave the house or go travelling, it can be convenient for the tobacco to just arrive ready in these tins, rather than you having to transfer it.

However, if your pipe smoking hobby is largely limited to your own house, then this isn’t something you’d need to worry about, leaving you free to buy bulk.

We hope this has cleared up whether bulk or tin tobacco is best for you. Here at Havana House we have a huge range of rolling and pipe tobacco, available in both tinned and bulk varieties, for you to choose from. We also offer a selection of other tobacco types, including chewing tobacco and portion bags.

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