Gentlemen’s Guide to Summer Holiday Packing

Most of us book holidays so that we can get away for a relaxing break. Yet packing for that relaxing time can often prove quite stressful. Whether you’ve got 12 t-shirts set out for a 3-day getaway or only one pair of pants for a two-week trip in your case, we’ve got the perfect packing list to help you on your travels.



For most people, clothing is the first place to start when it comes to packing a case; for one, most hotel guests would probably appreciate you wearing some clothes! Of course, what and how much you bring is entirely dependent on where you are going and for how long, but we hope you can work out that ski boots won’t be needed for a beach resort and so on!

For summer holiday wear, bringing simple mix and match items is the goal when trying to avoid paying hefty fees for overweight luggage, and will cut down bag space, leaving you some room to bring back any souvenirs. Plan to wear any heavier or bulky items on your journey, such as jeans, jackets and smart shoes, so that only the lighter items are included in your case. Lots of men only survive with one or two pairs of shoes total in their lives, so you certainly won’t need anything more than a pair of sandals and trainers packed in your case.

Of course, unless you’re planning on sneakily washing items in the hotel sink, enough underwear and socks for each day of your trip is essential! Cut down on items by pairing plain shirts and t-shirts with one or two pairs of shorts or chinos, allowing you to mix and match your look with relatively few pieces of clothing. If you have space and are anticipating going out for a fancy meal while abroad, then a blazer is a lightweight and easy to fold jacket that can make any outfit have a smarter feel.



If you’d like to avoid having to use the hotels (typically) poor-quality soap and shampoo, remember to pack your own shampoo and shower gel, but be wary of the liquid restrictions if flying. Many toiletry items, such as shower gel or toothpaste can be picked up cheaply in a local supermarket once you’ve arrived at your destination, but if you are on a long journey, or arriving once the shops have closed, it may be best to bring these along with you.

Don’t forget the pricier items that you’d like to have with you, such as aftershave, cologne, sun cream and any hair products you use, as these may be harder to find, and annoying to have to leave behind. If you shave with a traditional or straight razor, then be sure to pack this in your suitcase rather than carry-on luggage, as they will not be allowed onto the plane with you.


Travel Humidor and Accessories

If the thought of going a week or two without enjoying a quality stogie is enough to send you into a panic and cancel your flights, there’s no need to worry as there are a number of travel humidor options. From small leather pouches for two or three sticks that can slip in a jacket pocket to proper airtight humidity-controlled cases that can carry anywhere between 5 and 80 cigars, there is something to suit your cigar travel needs! If you’re only likely to smoke one cigar while away, then simply reusing a tube that a cigar was packaged in is an easy solution.

Don’t forget to pack a cigar cutter in your main suitcase to enjoy your stogie collection properly when you reach your destination. As for lighters, certain rules apply, so it is best to check with your airline if you are flying. In general, only one zippo or butane lighter is allowed on the flight, and it must be kept on your person (i.e. in a pocket) throughout the duration of the journey, and not packed into any of your bags.

Alternatively, you could pick a holiday destination perfect for cigar lovers, so that you wouldn’t even need to bring cigars with you. We imagine bringing a cigar to somewhere like Cuba would be akin to bringing a bottle of wine to France!



The Carry-On Essentials

For the most part, if you forgot any of the things listed above it wouldn’t be the end of the world, as you can pick up clothes and toiletries pretty much anywhere in the world. However, if you forget your passport, tickets, visas, insurance or money, your holiday is more or less over before it’s even started! Pack all of your important documents together in a handy pouch or file to keep them safe and easily accessible for when you need to board. While not strictly essential, it would be incredibly frustrating to leave behind items such as a phone charger, adaptor, headphones and a good book or tablet to keep you entertained on the journey!

Have we forgotten any of your travel essentials? Let us know what you can’t holiday without in the comments below!

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