Guide to Barber Pole Cigars

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Cigars are an artisan’s craft, there’s no doubt about that. Some torcedors push their artistic abilities to new heights as they roll cigars such as the Opus X BBMF or into braided culebras.

Here we will explore the curious but aesthetically appealing barber pole cigar. If you find yourself intrigued by barber pole cigars, then why not visit our website at Havana House, where you can buy cigars online!

What is a Barber Pole Cigar?

Barber pole cigars are also referred to as candy canes or double wraps. They are cigars that are intertwined in two or three different coloured wrappers that form diagonal helix stripes.

These alternating wrappers are often Natural and Maduro. The pattern is eye-catching thanks to the vivid contrast between the gold and brown bands.

Alec Bradley Black Market Filthy Hooligan Barber Pole Toro Limited Edition 2021 Shamrock Cigar

The Origins of the Barber Pole Cigar

During the Cigar Boom in the 1990s, the Fuente family created an impressive style of cigar. The Fuente factory ensures that each roller undergoes the most extensive training to ensure that their cigars are crafted by capable hands.

The two wrappers need to be harmoniously wrapped in a continuous fashion that requires patience. Because the barber pole design requires an experienced and skilful torcedor to roll it, they are less common and more costly.

Our Top Selected Barber Pole Cigars

To save you the trouble of sieving through various barber pole cigars, we’ve selected some highly recommended cigars for you to try.

2012 by Oscar Toro Barber Pole Cigar

This cigar is dressed in Candela and Mexican San Andres wrappers for an excellent match in flavours. With a length of 6 inches and a 52 ring gauge, this cigar’s vitola is a toro. You can find this cigar here, at Havana house!

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines

The Hemmingway Between the Lines is an excellent example of a barber pole cigar. It is the most sought-after cigar that is duel-wrapped.

The cigar is a 4.5 x 54 Figurado and handmade with premium aged Dominican long-fillers. It is wrapped in a Connecticut Shade and Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

Rocky Patel The Edge A-10

This popular, full-bodied cigar is potent and peppery. The sweet and spicy flavours touch on chestnut, wood and leather. The cigar is a combination of an oily Corojo and a Maduro leaf in a Toro shape.

7-20-4 The Hustler

This 4.25 x 40 cigar with a 40 ring gauge is handmade. The cigar is rolled in an Ecuador Connecticut and a Brazilian leaf, this combination marries the colours of gold and deep, dark brown.

The wrapper encases a medium-bodied blend of long-filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

To read more about cigars, whether it is iconic cigar smokers, our top picks or general advice, you find out more information on our blog. However, if you’re more interested in smoking them, then you can browse through our impressive collection!

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