Your Maintenance Guide to Looking After Cigar Lighters

Assortment of Xikar Lighters

Enjoying a premium cigar to the fullest starts with the first light and making sure that goes smoothly comes down to the correct maintenance of your cigar lighters.

A cigar lighter problem will put a stop to that enjoyable cigar experience with most issues encountered by cigar smokers coming from two factors: unclean fuel and maintenance. Both are avoidable by proper storage, cleaning the combustion chamber and most importantly, bleeding the lighter each time it’s refilled.

Each time you add butane fuel to your cigar lighters, it’s important to “bleed” or release the air stored in the fuel chamber. When this is not done, over time, the compressed air builds up, and this takes up more space inside the lighter, reducing the amount of butane that can be added when you fill it up next time. This “bleeding” releases pressure, and the lighter can be completely refilled to its maximum capacity. Another problem arises with this unwanted compressed air, as it can negatively affect the ignition process.

The correct storage of your cigar lighters will also keep your relaxing cigar herf on track, as it prevents dust, dirt and lint from getting inside.

Kurt Van Keppel, CEO and founder of XIKAR, has this to say about the correct maintenance of cigar lighters:

“If a particulate does make its way into the lighter, cleaning it often brings the lighter back to working condition. Directing some compressed air into the combustion chamber ensures the clearing of any particulate.”

Another tip to avoiding cigar lighter issues is to use high-quality butane gas, aiming for a gas that has been refined two – five times. This refinement results in a material that is cleaner and purer with Kurt van Keppel adding:

“Refinement is only as good as its end result: the amount of impurities left after the refinement process. The impurity amount is usually expressed as ppm, or parts per million, the number you want to look for.”

Impure butane, over time, can block up the tiny mechanisms within the cigar lighter and result in a malfunction with the majority of clogging happening within the burner which transports the butane to the ignition point. This interrupted flow of butane results in an inconsistent flame which can ruin your favourite stogie. You should try the methods we just spoke about to clean it if the cigar lighter still doesn’t work the issue may be with the spark wire. Press the trigger and see if a spark is produced, if a spark is produced use a tool to gently push the spark wire closer to the burners.

Without a steady, regular flow of butane gas to the ignition, the flame will not be consistent. If, after trying the methods above to clean it, your lighter still doesn’t work, the problem may be the spark wire (where the spark originates). Push the trigger and check if a spark is produced. If yes, use a pen to gently push the spark wire closer to the burners. This should solve the problem.

If none of these suggestions work, the cigar lighter issue is likely to be with the internal components, which will require skills that only the manufacturer’s experts will be able to fix. Luckily many cigar lighter manufacturers provide varying options of warranties on their products.

Kurt Van Keppel noted Xikar’s unrivalled warranty with his products, adding:

Xikar lighters proudly come with an unconditional lifetime warranty, if cigar smokers feel that the product fails to live up to our promise of fit, finish and function, they can simply return it to us or the distributor in their home country, and we’ll cheerfully repair or replace it.”


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