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Cigar smokers learn early on about the importance of a good cut, with an improper cut ruining the cigar, creating a bad draw, causing the end to split and the wrapper to unravel. So, when you’re spending your hard-earned money on cigars you’ll want to make sure you are cutting them properly, and with Havana House’s range of cigar cutters you will do just that.

Whatever your method of cutting, the end goal in cutting a cigar is to create an ample opening through which to smoke, without negatively affecting the cigar’s construction.

If you cut too small an opening the cigar won’t draw and too wide a cut and the cigar will fall apart, so it’s about finding the perfect medium. A good rule to follow would be to cut one-sixteenth of an inch from the cigar’s head. If you don’t have a ruler to hand, simply look for the cigar’s shoulder, this is the place where the cap of the cigar straightens out and cut the cigar there.

The other method of cutting is to make a wedge in the shape of a V in the end of a cigar. While this kind of cut makes it easy to draw on the cigar,this method can provide some problems; the draw can become too easy which in turn makes the smoke burn hot.

Below you will find some our favourite cutters from our range of cigar cutters at Havana House, all of which are the perfect accessory for your cigar experience.


S.T. Dupont Maxijet Chrome


This beautifully designed cutter is one of the best we have seen with its sleek and minimal design. You squeeze the two handles and the blades open, and then squeeze again for that perfect cut.


Xikar X13 Coral Apple


XIKAR’s iconic teardrop shape cutter has been paired with strikingly beautiful coral handles found on the ocean floor. These Xi3 Coral Cutters are the ultimate accessory for the distinguished cigar smoker who wants a quality cut and a strikingly beautiful look. The natural coral handles are crafted by hand and assembled by Scrimshaw Artist Rick Hutchings with no two cutters alike.


Lamborghini Precisione Cigar Cutter


The Lamborghini Precisione Cigar Cutter follows Lamborghini’s design ethics across all disciplines with a simple yet solid product that features their iconic bull and shield logo. It uses stainless steel 440 blades for the perfect cut.



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