Cigar History: Punch Cigars

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Punch Cigars have been producing popular cigars for over 170 years. It hasn’t always been easy. From the Wall Street Crash to the US Embargo, this venerable brand of cigar has persevered.

Join us as we delve into the rich history of these cigars to see how they came to be the brand we know and adore today.

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The History of Punch Cigars

The Early Days

The brand Punch was first registered in 1840 and received its name from the renowned character from the hit European puppet show, Punch and Judy. Much like it’s namesake, Punch Cigars gained particular popularity in Great Britain.

In 1874, the brand was bought by Luis Corujo before being bought again ten years later by Manuel López Fernández. If this names sounds at all familiar, it’ll be because boxes and bands of Punch cigars still bear this name today

The business was sold once again in 1924 to Esperanza Valle Comas who maintained ownership for five years until the Stock Market Crash in 1929.

Punch the puppet from Punch and Judy

The Financial Crisis

Following the events of October 29, 1929, also known as ‘Black Tuesday’ or ‘The Wall Street Crash’, the Punch brand faced financial hardships and was forced to be sold again.

It was acquired in 1930 by the company Fernández, Palicio y Cía. Under new ownership, the Punch brand thrived, becoming one of the company’s headlining cigar marques alongside Belinda, La Escepción, and Hoyo de Monterrey.

Despite all this, the brand maintained its popularity among British cigar smokers.

The US Embargo

In 1960, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed an embargo on trade between the United States and Cuba. This was in response to Cuba nationalising American-owned Cuban oil refineries without compensation.

This embargo still remains in place today.

Following this embargo, Fernando Palicio had no choice but to sell the cigar lines to Villazon & Co. who continued to make the Punch cigars, along with Hoyo de Monterrey, and Belinda, with Honduran tobacco for the American market.

Punch continues to produce popular and, in some cases, sought after cigars today. They also produce machine-made cigarillos.

What Do Punch Cigars Taste Like?

With Punch cigars you can expect a rich and full-flavoured smoke, particularly by the final third. Flavours such as nutty or earthy dark tobacco are complemented beautifully by a caramel-like sweetness.

Punch cigars tend to have a blend of traditional British flavours such as oak and a natural earthiness, so it’s no wonder they’ve remained so popular among British cigar smokers.

How Strong Are Punch Cigars?

Punch cigars are full-bodied cigars that tend to range between medium to full strength. Because of this, Punch cigars are best suited to the more seasoned cigar smokers who know what they want.

However, if you’re new to cigars or only smoke on occasion, you can still enjoy a Punch cigar, so long as you go for one that isn’t overwhelmingly strong.

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Punch Cigar Recommendations

For a brand that’s been going for as long as Punch has, it goes without saying that they’ve produced some fabulous cigars in their time.

Here are some of our personal favourites.

Punch Short de Punch Cigar

The Punch Short de Punch Cigar is a short, but fat smoke and is the brand’s first ever 50-ring-gauge cigar. It was announced at the Habanos festival in 2019.

This cigar falls between the petit robusto and traditional robusto size in terms of length and is wrapped in a corojo wrapper. It offers a medium strength smoke.

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Punch Punch Cigar Turbo

The Punch Punch Cigar Turbo offers a medium strength smoke with coffee overtones and a hint of chocolate.

This fantastic cigar has a corojo wrapper and it’s earthy flavours openly mix with an aroma of musk and leather for a quality smoke.

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Punch Double Coronas Cigar

The Punch Double Coronas Cigar is a pleasurable and lengthy smoke which may burn for over 90 minutes. This is a strong cigar without being aggressive with excellent draw and combustion which may suit less seasoned smokers.

With aromos of wood and earth to start slowly giving way to touches of honey, this cigar is the perfect choice for fans of Punch cigars.

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The Punch brand has endured for 170 years and needless to say it is going to be around for many more to come. They may not be for everyone, but any cigar aficionado would be a fool not to give Punch cigars a try.

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