How to Host Your Own Whisky Tasting Party

whisky glass at a tasting party

What better way to spend the Christmas period than sampling whisky with your favourite people! We provide you with a guide on the best way to host a whisky tasting party:


What you will need:



Obviously, as this is a whisky party, whisky will play a major part in the evening’s events. Therefore, you will need to obtain at least three different bottles of the golden liquor. Of course, the more, the merrier, but decide whether you want quality or quantity.



Making sure you have enough glasses for each of the people in attendance is key. This can be a great opportunity to invest in some new glassware. A tulip shaped glass is a good classic option, as it helps to focus your attention on the delicate aromas produced by each whisky. Alternatively, if you have tumblers, look to getting a silicone ice wedge, or ice ball, mould to enjoy an exciting looking drink.


Bottled Spring Water

Many dram drinkers enjoy adding a drop or two of water to their glasses. Of course, regular tap water will just not suffice for such a magnificent beverage, so stocking up on bottled spring water is a must. If you don’t already own one, acquiring a dropper to use to add water to your whisky can make things a lot easier on the night.


Plain Crackers

As the point of the evening is to taste all of the different subtle flavours in each dram, it is essential to cleanse the palate between each spirit. Plain crackers are a very easy option to serve your guests for this.


Theme Ideas:

Whisky is not the cheapest alcohol type on the market, so if your budget plan is a little limited why not try a ‘bring a bottle’ night, where each guest brings their favourite tipple with them to share. It can be an idea to get your friends to confirm which bottles they will be bringing beforehand to avoid having everyone turning up with the exact same bottle. It may also be interesting to pick a bottle from each price range and compare the tastes and qualities of each as one way of tasting.

Alternatively, if you are willing to put up some of your own collection for sampling, you could try running with a theme for the night. You could pick a category, such as ‘all rye whiskies’, so that you can sample simple whiskies and determine the differences between the distilleries they come from. Another way of doing this would be to pick a region, such as Scotch whiskies from one area, or only whiskies from Tennessee, for example. It could also be an idea to compare smaller produced craft whiskies with the more popular mass-produced brands.


Get tasting:


1- Pour the first type of whisky into glasses

2- Observe the colour

3- Smell the whisky

4- Sip the whisky and let it rest in your mouth so it dissolves on your tongue

5- Taste and consider how it feels and tastes once you’ve swallowed it

6- Experiment by adding drops of water at a time and see how it alters the flavours

7- Repeat with your other whiskies!


If you decide to host a whisky tasting party, why not end the evening with quality Montecristo cigars! Will you be hosting a whisky party? Let us know your ideas for whisky themes in the comments!


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