How to Infuse Cigars with Alcohol

Although some purists may beg to differ, you can improve your smoking experience by infusing your cigars with your favourite liquors. What better way to enjoy a cognac and cigar than combining the two for a more fruitful evening?

If it’s your first time infusing your cigars, why not splash out on your favourite liquor? We have a great selection of alcohol available, so if you want to buy brandy online in the UK you can here, at Havana House.


Infuse or Dip Your Cigar

Each aficionado has an opinion and we’re not here to tell you what’s right or wrong.

The history of dipping a cigar in liquor was intended to add moisture and flavour to the cigar. It was a popular tradition, but this was before humidors and humidity control were available.

Some dippers prefer to dip their cigars with honey and maple syrup. Others may opt for whatever they find themselves drinking at the time, such as port or cognac. Some aficionados will only experiment if a cigar is not working for them.

Purists will argue that you can completely ruin the cigar when dipping it, while burning the cigar will make the dipping process redundant as the alcohol will burn off, resulting in a loss of any intended flavour or scent.

If you want to enjoy the fuller flavours of your cigar and drink, you can slowly sip on your cognac as you puff on your cigar for a more complementary method. But as we said before each to their own.

Otherwise, it might be worth your time to experiment with infusing your cigar with your favourite liquors instead. Infusing will avoid any lighting issues you might encounter when dipping your cigar, while also ensuring you receive the fuller flavours and scents you were initially after.


Infused Cigars

Infused cigars will also cause some controversy among purists, but they can be fairly popular amid those beginning their cigarillo smoking journey. You can purchase already infused or flavoured cigars. You can infuse your cigars at home with this simple method. It’s a handy tactic to use instead of throwing out cigars that have been gifted to you by a well-meaning friend or family member.


Choosing The Right Cigar

There is no particular right or wrong cigar. There are only a few factors that will determine which will best suit you.

  • The first most important factor is your preferred cigar. Choose one that you know you already enjoy.
  • Ensure the cigar is fresh.
  • Consider the flavours you want to infuse the cigar with. More mild, smooth and buttery flavour profiles will pair nicely with lighter and fruitier flavours. Richer and deeper flavour profiles are much more suited to liquors.
  • If this is your first attempt at infusing or experimenting with flavours, consider trialling with a less expensive cigar. In general, you’re unlikely to improve a top-shelf smoke.

Choose Your Flavours For Infusion

Depending on your aspiring flavour profile, you will need to consider which flavours you would like to explore when infusing your cigar. Some aficionados sway more toward coffee and chocolate; others desire rum or cognac.

Consider your favourite cocktails, fruits and liquors. Consider your infusion as if you are cooking a meal and combine your flavours thoughtfully. You can get creative, here are a couple of extracts you can choose from:

  • Vanilla
  • Hazelnut
  • Amaretto
  • Orange

Infusion Methods

There are a few different ways to infuse your cigar. We’ll be taking a look at two particular methods you can use when infusing your cigars.


Tupperware Method

Here is a small list of components you’ll need to infuse your cigar:

  • Your selected cigars
  • A shot glass
  • A plastic Tupperware container
  • Your chosen ingredients
  1. Fill the shot glass with your chosen extract or liquor and place it into the Tupperware box.
  2. Place your cigars in the Tupperware box; start with four or five. The more cigars you infuse, the longer the process will take.
  3. Ensure the container is sealed tight. This will prevent the cigars from drying out.
  4. Store the Tupperware container at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  5. Regularly check the level of liquid in the shot glass, it may need refiling after a week or two.
  6. Leave the cigars to infuse for about six to eight weeks.

If you are using dry ingredients such as roasted coffee beans, you will need to include a humidification source to re-emit moisture.


Zip-Lock Bag Method

Here is a small list of components you’ll need to infuse your cigar:

  • Your selected cigars
  • A cotton pad or paper towel
  • A zip-lock bag
  • Your chosen ingredients
  1. Soak a cotton pad or folded paper towel with your desired liquid.
  2. Place the soaked pad or paper towel in the zip lock back.
  3. Add any dry ingredients to the bag if you wish to add these in too.
  4. Add your cigars and ensure that they are not touching any liquid.
  5. Place the bag in an area out of direct sunlight, at room temperature.
  6. Leave for two weeks, or longer if you wish to do so.

Once your infusion process is complete, you might not want to store your infused and non-infused cigars together. If both are stored together the flavours will be transferred to your other cigars.


Humidors And Infusing Cigars

You can use a humidor instead of a Tupperware container, but this will be detrimental to your humidor as it will absorb any flavours or extracts that you are using throughout your infusion process. This will not be an ideal environment for storing any non-infused cigars.


We hope you enjoy your experiments and enjoy your infused cigars. For the perfect cigar to infuse you can browse our impressive range here at Havana House. We also have a great selection of whisky, rum and brandy available as well.

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