Iconic Cigar-Smoking Comic Book Heroes

Wolverine smoking a cigar probably from Havana House

Superheroes, anti-heroes, comic book characters. However you like to portray them, there are always going to be some that are ‘cooler’ than others. When it comes to completing the cool look, nothing says this like working a stogie into your repertoire – just ask the guys from the Western films!

We’ve put together a host of the most well-known comic book heroes who’ve been known to enjoy a cigar or two, and what cigar we think they’d be reaching for…

5) Hellboy 

Hellboy is a real badass in the superhero world, so it’s no surprise that the character frequently blazes up on his favourite selection of cigars. Given Hellboy’s temperament, he could easily be a cigar smoking supervillain as opposed to a superhero. Thankfully, Hellboy uses his supernatural abilities to take on the powers of evil and make the world a safer place, even if he doesn’t always obey the rules of being a good guy – not to mention disregarding smoking regulations!

Hellboy is not the sort to mess around; he was born in hell after all! We say he likes a stiff, full-bodied cigar straight out of Cuba. Hellboy has a natural immunity to smoke so mild cigars with a light draw just don’t cut it. The Ramon Allones Specially Selected is the perfect cigar for the red character.

The cigar provides a strong and heavy smoke, which is too much for some but perfect for Hellboy. The Ramon Allones is hardly a household name in terms of Cuban Cigars, as it is one of the smaller brands coming out of Cuba – and we know that Hellboy likes Cuban stogies, as shown in the clip below.

Nonetheless, the Ramon Allones is an excellent cigar! Hellboy metaphorically has a lot in common with his favourite stogie. Neither he nor the Ramon has universal recognition, despite having a well-developed and complex character. Additionally, while there is indeed an intensity to Hellboy and his cigars, they are both also dynamic and, at times, even elegant.

Watch Hellboy acquire a couple of Cubans here (complete with Spanish subtitles!):

4) X-Men’s Storm 

The habit of cigar smoking is generally considered a rather masculine hobby, dominated by men and associated with great men. This does not mean, however, that a female is not allowed to select a stogie from her humidor. Especially when that woman is the all-powerful Storm from the X-Men!

Perhaps Storm picked might have picked up a tobacco habit from her colleague Wolverine, who is certainly the most broadly recognised mutant come cigar enthusiast? In one edition of the X-Men comic, Storm can be seen lighting Wolverine’s cigar with a lightning bolt!

Storm is tall, slim and gracious, and should she want to follow in the footsteps of Wolverine and pick up one for herself, we’d imagine she’d go for

something like the Montecristo Especial No.2. The cigar starts sweet and light, leading to a strong pull with deep flavour; the calm before the Storm. Especials are suitable for those with a more feminine palette; floral hints pair with spice and all things nice to create a really fine tasting cigar.

The Especial No.2 is a reliable cigar that is incredibly easy to smoke, perhaps that is why so many have come to love it. The cigar is known, however, to be awfully disappointing in bad weather. Fortunately, Storm has the power to change the local climate at will so she can always smoke in the sun, lucky her!

Watch Storm electrocute Toad here:

3) Superman 

So you expected Hellboy to puff all day long and Storm has a rogue side, so her cigar habit is not too surprising, but Superman? Surely not! Clark Kent, the epitome of all things perfect, did surely not smoke a cigar. Well, he did and not just one by the look of it! In this strip, Superman lights around ten cigars at once with his laser vision; it doesn’t get much cooler than that! The caped hero then inhaled all of the cigars in just one drag before blowing a smokescreen for camouflage.

Superman’s favourite cigar would be something tall and brilliant. The character is near perfect in terms of his abilities, so his cigar should too be highly rated, and much loved. The Montecristo No.2 is an award-winner, through and through. It’s been bestowed with the cigar of the year award from Cigar Aficionado and boasts being scored an average of 94 points on blind taste tests. Like the Superman movies, cartoons and comics, the Monte 2s combine commercial success with critical acclaim. Of course, like the Superman franchise, Montecristo has also created some half-baked ideas which should swiftly be forgotten.

Here’s Superman blowing out the Eternal Flame at the Olympic Games:

2) Fantastic Four’s The Thing 

Before The Thing became a heap of orange rocks and dense muscle, he was a well-respected and discerning cigar aficionado, believe it or not. His taste in cigars changed with his transformation from regular man to superhero. The Thing’s mouth is much less delicate than it used to be, probably because it’s made almost entirely from stone nowadays! The Thing is no quitter though, and his tasteless disposition hasn’t stopped him from regularly chomping down on a cigar.

Insecure about his enormous build, The Thing would prefer a much smaller cigar, such as the Trinidad Coloniales Cigar. Though The Thing is often japed about having a ‘pebble brain’, he, just like what would be his most-treasured cigar, has a refined and well-balanced combination. Being very smooth and creamy with hints of coffee, cedar and light earth flavour, The Thing can take a moment to feel something smooth, before he returns to feeling his rubble-esque features!

Watch The Thing out-roar a bear:

1) Wolverine 

And Finally, the superhero globally associated with being a cigar smoking bad boy and all around cool guy, The Wolverine. X-Men’s Logan (Wolverine’s real name) has been through many an epic clash with a cigar in his mouth. The oldest living cigar aficionado that the world has ever seen has even inspired other heroes and villains to take up the pastime as well as many of those who are a fan of the character.

Many would argue that The Wolverine is the most powerful superhero of all time, so, with while wearing his leather jacket, it is only right that he smokes a cigar associated with leather and vanilla notes, such as the medium-to-full-bodied Cohiba Piramides Extra. The Cohiba Piramides Extra is a rare cigar, much like Wolverine and his skill set. The complex flavours also marry up to Logan’s personality too, with him seemingly in a battle with himself to be a loner and fighting for the greater good with the rest of the X-Men.

Watch Wolverine oozing coolness here:

Who is your favourite comic book hero or anti-hero? And which of their cigars will you be reaching for next?

Image courtesy of Blazing FF/YouTube.

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