7 Instagram Accounts Cigar and Whisky Lovers Need to Follow

Instagram accounts for cigar and whisky lovers

While in the past, the only way to enjoy a dram and a smoke would be to actually have a cigar and a glass of whisky, now with the age of social media, experiencing some of the joys of these treats can be instantaneous with the incredible Instagram accounts showing off the impressive collections of others. Although nothing can ever beat the real deal in your hand, these Instagram accounts can often provide a human insight into which stogie or whisky bottle you should buy and try next. We present a few of our favourite accounts in the cigar and whisky world.

Whisky and Donuts(@whiskyanddonuts)

Relativity Whiskey & Ferrero Roche Hazelnut Crunch – This pairing could potentially ruin us permanently as almost everything about the whiskey featured here opposes the traditional methods we have all come to love in #whiskey culture… – The age statement alone of a bottle represents not just the amount of time liquid spirit has rested within a #cask, but rather the potential life events that have occurred during it's maturation process. Beyond trending values, aged spirit, when consumed, will cause one to romanticize of the past in hopes of endless possibilities looking forward…. Well, atleast thats what we have experienced… anyone else?? is this thing on…?? – All whisklosophy aside, Relativity American Whiskey is delicious. Mixed or neat, this blend has fooled all of our sensors to thinking we are sipping a piece of distant history. We will leave the technicalities to others on the intraweb as to explaining this new process of creating our beloved hooch, we are simply here to enjoy the sweet spice and creamy vanilla experience. – This #DKDonuts creation could cause a solar eclipse with this one! The #FerreroRoche Hazelnut Crunch is full of every sweet flavor profile known to man… THIS JUST IN… WARNING: Daily recommended donuts intake per day : 1 DOZEN. DK's in #SantaMonica, Ca is a perfect spot to pick up your prescription. – Slainte

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Whisky and Donuts takes pairing to the next level with some of the most incredible looking baked goods we’ve ever seen. A lot of thought goes into matching up each bottle of Scotch or whiskey with the delicious looking doughnuts, and each is reviewed for their flavour notes. The drams are served neat in a custom Whisky and Donuts glass, making all of the images look very smart and well put together. Every post will contain a number of images, giving you up-close shots of both the bottle and the bake. Be warned though, one look at this Instagram and your tummy will be rumbling!


The Cigar Strategist(@thecigarstrategist)

The Cigar Strategist is one of the most popular cigar-related accounts on Instagram, and from the pictures, it’s easy to see why. A fan of cigars, coffee and watches, you’ll get to see snaps of both single cigars currently being smoked, or freshly bought full boxes of some of the best sticks going in the cigar world. An incredible collection of cigars can be spotted here!


Life of Luxe(@lifeofluxe)

The Life of Luxe certainly lives up to its name, with an incredible assortment of sips and smokes. Pairing each bottle with a stogie, there are plenty of ideas to get you started on a whisky and cigar filled evening.


Scotch Trooper (@scotch_trooper)

…and then there were three. My 2017 Favorites. – – – – -
What an amazing year it has been. I can’t thank you all enough for the love and support. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to leave my FT Job to follow my passion. In that I was able to travel all over the world, meet some of my favorite people and have been able to spend time and drams with many of you. I can’t wait to see what next year holds. To close out the year I’m posting my three favorite posts. Again thank you for following along and joining in this journey. #Dalmore #CigarMalt #Cigar #Davidoff #cigarporn #StarWars #Stormtrooper #CigarLife #StarWarsBlackSeries #StarWarsToys #StarWarsFigures #scotchwhisky #whiskygram #whiskylove #instadram #instawhisky #instadrink #alcohol #toyphotography #kampai #slainte #cheers #spirits

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Whisky may sometimes be seen as a serious drink; a splash swirled in a crystal tumbler held by a moustachioed man in a leather armchair as he takes a deep and thoughtful puff on his cigar. Scotch Trooper singlehandedly smashes this stereotype away, bringing all the fun back to the dram we know and love with this Star Wars inspired account. Bringing an assortment of characters from the famous franchise together with a whole host of exciting whiskies from around the world. Each post is fantastically framed, bringing the Troopers to life; and it sure does look like they enjoy their Scotch!


Marvel at Whisky (@marvelatwhisky)

“Understand this; there is more than one path to the top of the mountain…” – Miyamoto Musashi 宮本 武蔵 – Rōnin (c. 1584-1645) ____ No one can argue that Suntory have reached the top of their mountain. Perhaps the energy exerted in getting there, has something to do with the recent announcements of discontinuing lines. ____ What’s next we’re all asking? With all the hoarding taking place, I wonder, when you reach your peak: will you have something appropriate to open and celebrate with? Or will it be locked away, gathering dust, waiting for someone on a higher mountain to come along and buy it from you…? ____ I say, buy it, open it, enjoy it! ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ #whisky #whiskey #cigar #marvellegends #superheroes #cocktails #bourbon #craftbrew #actionfigures #toyphotography #costume #drinking #toyartistry #scotch #toycollection #toycommunity #funkopop #avengers #comics #comicbooks #mcu #craftbeer #rum #mixology #deadpool #deadpool2 #samurai #ronin #martialarts #marvelatwhisky

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Similar to the above, but with a comic book spin, Marvel at Whisky sees a range of action figures going head-to-head with an impressive collection of whisky bottles, from The Macallan to the Yamazaki. With Deadpool and Spiderman featuring quite regularly, it’s not hard to see why the page is steadily gaining interest!


The Whisky Accountant (@the_whisky_accountant)

Accountant by day, whisky drinker by night (if the name didn’t give it away), The Whisky Accountant keeps it real with his reviews of drams from all around the world. Each snap of his evening drink is accompanied by a description and a recipe so that you can recreate the gorgeous looking drink he’s mixed together. While whisky certainly takes the forefront of his interests, other alcohol types, including gin and tequila will also feature in his drinks and reviews. More in-depth discussions of each dram can also be found on his blog.


Havana House (@havanahouseuk)

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