5 Instagram Accounts to Follow For Cocktail Making Inspiration

Two cocktails on a table garnished with thyme and lemon

If you’re looking to work on your skills behind the bar, you’ll want to cast the net wide and find inspiration. Balancing flavours to work in harmony is a skill that can take time to refine, but playing with an array of alcohol should be fun as well as flavourful.

We’ve collected some of our favourite inspirational cocktail Instagram’s, each offering menus of distinct aesthetic qualities and flavour profiles for both eyes and palate.

Before your start, it’s best to stock up; if you already have an idea which drinks you’ll need to get started, you can take a look at our broad selection of alcohol! You’ll find nothing short of Scotch whisky, gin, rum and much more!


Cocktails_and_mixology are an artistic resource that easily inspires awe, as well as a terrible thirst. Their compilation of cocktails looks both artistic and delicious. Their feed is a mixture of classical simplicity, historical musings and hints of a moody overtone.

You’ll find recipes that entwine the light freshness of pear, lifting more poignant profiles such as tequila, southern comfort and sweet and sour. Other cocktails will combine darker flavours such as bourbon, cherry, orange and aromatic bitters, with a twist of passion fruit and amaro Montenegro.


The Amateur Mixologist is a refreshing profile to have a peek at, his clean and quirky feed is simplistic and undoes all the overwhelming complications that can come with cocktails.

Sit back and substitute brunch for a cocktail filled with the refreshing flavours of tropical Old Tom gin, lemon juice and green tea, or enjoy an evening savouring the experience of bourbon, sherry, cognac and blood orange, topped with cucumber.


Spiritedla is a classical Instagram with a slightly moody overtone. The featuring cocktails are timeless and inspire an array of sophisticated ideas. Each offers a historical reflection as if they were created in another era.

On this feed, you’ll find mouth-watering flavours such as Agricole blanc, golden berries with lime and mint; if you have more of a sweet tooth, then you might be more interested in rhubarb, tequila and lavender bitters.


Mixology Brothers create a high-end cocktail bar atmosphere by combining both their photography and mixology skills in their stunning feed. Their use of colours and flavour profiles are new and exciting but still somewhat familiar.

The Mixology Brothers feed offers you cocktail recipes that combine flavours such as raspberries, black tea and lavender with the addition of cranberry and lemon juice.


Served by Soberon is a fun, energetic feed that has more of a light-hearted approach to mixology. The feed is filled with quirky and creative ideas that translate into the flavours of these colourful cocktails.

You’ll find velvet textures and rich, delicious flavours such as aged Belizean rum, red Vermouth and orange bitters paired with rum cream liqueur and nutmeg. For days basked in sunshine, you can easily source light and spicy numbers that entail Jenever, ginger ale and Angostura bitters.

We hope this article has provided you with inspirational ideas and Instagram’s to follow up on. Be sure to share your cocktail creations with us on our social media accounts. You can browse through our blog for more cocktail recipes and advice!

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