Why You Should Invest in a Smoking Jacket

A man with a beard and moustache pulling his jacket down and smiling

Every cigar aficionado will agree that unlike other variations of smoking, cigar smoking is more of an experience than a habit. While regular cigarettes are a quick-fix solution to a craving for nicotine and vaping has become the latest youthful trend, cigars embody a more ritualistic pastime that, with the correct apparatus, can be truly pleasurable.  

From stylish cigar cutters to sumptuous leather cases, there are a number of cigar accessories that contribute to transforming the act of smoking a stogie into an almost ceremonial experience. However, in recent years, the most traditional of these novel additions appears to have lost its appeal; the smoking jacket, it seems, is no longer in demand for modern-day gentlemen. However, if you’re a cigar smoker, there are several reasons why you may want to invest in one of these conventional garments… 

 Smoking jackets were initially worn in the home to protect gentlemen’s clothing from collecting the smell of smoke, being stained by cigar ash and to make the experience of smoking a cigar as pleasurable as possible by providing that extra bit of comfort. While these housecoats were practical, they were also incredibly stylish; a classic smoking jacket is usually made from silk or velvet and features an impressive combination of a shawl lapel, toggle fastenings and carefully-lined pockets.

 As these jackets became more popular, along with smoking itself, they began to impact men’s fashion trends and from the early 1900s, were considered formal dress rather than ‘lounge’ wear. Stars such as Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire and Dean Martin became renowned for wearing this now lavish attire, contributing to their rising popularity during the century.

 Today, however, the smoking jacket is no longer a must-have item for cigar smokers. While this is most likely the result of the widespread condemnation of smoking in general along with the garment’s negative association with playboy frontman Hugh Hefner, here at Havana House, the iconic smoking jacket still has a place in our hearts. For us, if worn appropriately, this is an item that promises an air of elegance and can make a suave addition to any gentlemen’s formal clothing collection.

 Additionally, while some may not wish to draw attention to themselves with an elaborate jacket, for those who are brave enough, a tailored smoking jacket is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd at any dinner party or formal event.

 Finally, although the smell of smoke is less favourable now than it used to be, there’s something oddly comforting about the scent of a cigar. Whether you find it strangely familiar or richly nostalgic, having an item of clothing specifically for cigar smoking will enable you to revisit that evocative aroma rather than becoming unconsciously accustomed to it, something that every modern-day stogie lover will cherish.

 As well as a smoking jacket, if you’d like any extra additions to complete your cigar smoking experience, here at Havana House, we offer an extensive range of cigar accessories as well as a delectable selection of cigars. Check out our website now or for more inspiring reads, visit our blog.

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