You Can Now Invest In Whisky With A Scotch Investment Fund

Whisky that a person has invested in

A new financial opportunity is now on the cards for fans of whisky after The Single Malt Fund was launched by Swedish entrepreneur Christian Svantesson. Rather than investing in a whiskey company, such as Jack Daniel’s, The Single Malt Fund actually invests in the spirit itself. The business idea allows for investors to own a small portion of a sizeable collection of rare and limited-edition whiskies. This is the first whisky investment of its kind to be regulated and listed publically.

The whiskies that make up this fund will be specially selected by five of the portfolio managers maintaining the fund. As well as gaining a share of returns when whiskies are sold, a bonus of being an investor is that they will also be given an early-release advantage on bottles going up for auction, allowing them to put in a bid before they are released to the open market for sale.

With auction prices for whisky rarities on the rise, the spirit is becoming something of a growing trend in investment. Since 2010, the top 100 most valuable whiskies in the world have increased in value by 447%, so this truly is like investing in liquid gold! Traditionally, vintage whisky investment was left to the experts and extreme enthusiasts, but this fund allows fans who would not normally be able to afford a fraction of one of these bottles the chance to make some money. This is particularly exciting news considering the large increase in fans of the dram in recent years.

The Fund will become available in March when it gets listed on the Nordic Growth Market. It is set to liquidate after six years and presents a target return rate of ten percent. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in the fund, it will be supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. To become an investor, a minimum of €1000 is required before the 12th March.

Would you be interested in becoming a whisky investor in this manner? Let us know your thoughts on this business idea via our social media channels! If you want to enjoy quality cigars with your glass of whisky, remember that you can buy cigars online here at Havana House!

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