Long vs Short Cigars

two cigars of different lengths

One of the main visible differences between cigars is their length. Cigar brands will produce cigars in a variety of vitolas. The vitola refers to the size of the cigar, which is made up of the length of the cigar and the ring gauge.

While the thickness of the cigar, or ring gauge, can have quite an impact on a smoke, the length doesn’t always make that much of a difference. We take a look at why cigars are rolled in varying lengths and how this can affect your smoke experience!

How Does Length Affect Smoke Time?

Perhaps the most obvious way that the size of your cigar can affect your smoking experience is that the length can make a difference in the duration of your smoke.

If a cigar is longer, then it will likely take longer to smoke than a shorter cigar, as there is more of it. However, this will actually depend on the ring gauge (width) of the cigar.

A thinner cigar will burn faster than a thicker cigar, so a long and thin cigar may smoke quicker than a shorter and thicker cigar.

Where You Stop Smoking

Another factor to consider is where you stop smoking. Let’s say you have two cigars of the same thickness, but one is long, and one is short. The place that you decide to stop smoking will have a bigger impact on the duration of your smoke than the length.

For example, smoking a shorter cigar to the nub will take longer than if you only manage to smoke half of a longer cigar.

Are There Flavour Differences?

Some cigar brands will create cigars that contain the same combinations and blends of tobacco; they are just rolled into different shapes and sizes. These cigar ranges can offer a great opportunity to see how different formats create different smoking experiences.

While the overall flavour should be much the same, the intensity and development of the flavour profile may be a bit different depending on the length of the cigar.

Shorter cigars tend to have a more concentrated flavour that remains intense throughout. This is because the shorter a cigar is, the closer the heat from the lit part is to your palate. When you smoke a longer cigar, the smoke has to travel further to reach your mouth, making it cooler and less intense as it hits your palate.

This means that longer cigars often start off milder and then develop into more intense smokes as it burns closer. Because of this, the flavours can also seem more complex, changing throughout the smoking experience – with certain flavour notes becoming more prominent as the cigar burns.

When to Pick a Long or Short Cigar? 

Ultimately, in the simplest form, it is down to time. Assuming you have two cigars of similar thickness, you should save the longer cigar for when you have time to spare to really sit down, relax and enjoy the full stogie uninterrupted. 

If you’re in more of a rush, then the smaller, the better – you don’t want to be wasting any of that premium tobacco! While you can save a cigar for later, they are definitely at their best when enjoyed in a single sitting, so it’s always a good idea to pick a cigar you’ll have the time for.

This information can help you to understand the potential differences between a long and short cigar, but the decision of which to pick is yours, and will depend on your personal preference. 

If you’d like to try out cigars of different lengths and ring gauges, then you can find cigars online in the UK here at Havana House! 

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