What Material Is Best For Cigar Cases?

cigars on a leather case

Whether you want to carry a cigar around with you for when the moment strikes for a celebratory smoke, or are looking for a way to take a cigar or two with you on your travels, a cigar case is a must-have accessory for any aficionado.

The main purpose of a cigar case is to transport cigars in your pocket or luggage safely. Cigar cases not only serve as protection for your favourite on-the-go stogies, but they can also be a pretty stylish accessory to have on hand.

We take a look at what you should look for in the ideal cigar case.

What to Consider When Looking for a Cigar Case

There are a few key questions you need to ask before you make a decision on the cigar case you want to buy:

  • What kind of cigars will you be carrying? Does the case support different shapes or sizes of cigars?
  • How long will the cigar be in the case? Do you need the case to keep the cigars at the right humidity?
  • Where will the cigar case be kept? How much protection does it need to offer your cigars?
  • What do you want the cigar case to look like? Is the material you want high-quality and suitable?

While most of these questions should be easy to answer and for you to come to a decision on which style of case is best, you may be unsure about which material will work well with what you want from your case.

Which Material is Best for Your Cigar Case?


Leather cigar cases look sleek and stylish and are often seen as a luxury item. While they are often a favourite material for cigar cases, leather cases should only be used for daily storage, rather than long-term storage or travel.

This is because leather absorbs moisture, which can dry out cigars. Therefore, longer periods of storage in a leather case should be avoided to prevent any damage to your smoke.

As well as this, leather cases can impart a strong leathery smell onto your cigars, which can destroy their aroma after a couple of days stored within the case. While high-quality cases can be less likely to smell, it’s not a guarantee.

If you buy a case online, be sure to check with the seller that it doesn’t smell overwhelmingly of leather! For quality leather cases perfect for storing cigars, check out our range of cigar cases online.


Out of all materials, metal typically offers the best level of protection, as it is the most hardwearing.

However, this quality can also be its downfall. Metal cases aren’t as flexible as others, which may make getting cigars into the case a little trickier, especially if they have a thicker ring gauge. The sharper metal edges of this case can also nick the cigar’s wrapper and cause damage.

If your cigar is shorter than the metal tube, then it can also be a challenge to get it back out again! It is not unheard of for people to have to shake and bang on a metal case to get their cigar out, and with that, you risk it shooting out of the case onto the floor!

Despite this, metal cases are an excellent choice for when you are travelling, especially if you will be putting the case in your luggage, as the metal tube will ensure your cigars’ protection.


Carbon is a relatively new material to the world of cigar cases, but it is definitely very welcome. Carbon is pretty perfect for a cigar case, as it does not dry out cigars, protects it well and also looks great.

The downside to carbon cases is the price, as the more intricate design processes used to manufacture them push up the price tag in comparison to other forms of cigar cases. That being said, if you are serious about keeping your cigar in top condition, then this can be a good investment.


Cigar cases were traditionally made from wood, although they are not as popular anymore. Typically, they are made from briarwood, but it is not uncommon to find versions made from mahogany, oak or cedar.

Similar to leather cases, wooden cases can cause your cigar to dry out by absorbing its moisture. As such, these are best for daily use rather than long-term storage. If you do choose to use a wooden case, then be sure to keep it in a humidified environment to reduce the risk of your cigars drying out.

They can be quite an aesthetically pleasing case though, and many enjoy the look and feel of carrying on of these around with them.

What type of cigar case is right for you? Let us know which type of case you use by leaving a comment below!

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