Men’s 2018 Summer Style Guide

A man wearing a check shirt and jeans in a wooded area outdoors

When it comes to fashion, men tend to be more inclined to stick with what they know rather than jump on the latest trend. However, though many of us claim to be indifferent to fashion, our wardrobes often tell a different story; there’s no doubt that you’ll have a casual check shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and a classic white tee in there somewhere, all of which were or are still on trend (if paired with the right accessories of course).

While some looks may be a bit far-fetched for everyday wear (no, we’re still not rating deep-crotch trousers), there will always be an element of every new trend that can be easily replicated or woven into your existing look. Today marks the beginning or Men’s Paris Fashion Week, and whether you’re into those catwalk brands or not, there’s sure to be aspects of this year’s trends that will no doubt take your fancy. To save you the hassle of trawling through every new look, we’ve put together a 2018 summer style guide full of clothing basics to ensure you look your best this season:


As previously mentioned, while check has always remained a wardrobe staple for many, this year sees it move back into the limelight on a larger scale. Think jackets, jumpers and for those who are brave enough, trousers! Whatever item of check clothing you go for, always be sure that the rest of your outfit remains fairly pattern-free to avoid unsightly clashes. Instead, pair with this year’s colour favourites of blue, purple and red to achieve a super slick look that’s spot-on trend.

Dad Jeans

It feels like skinny jeans have been around forever, so this year’s dad jeans make a refreshing change. Perfect for summer, these loose-fitting denims are practical yet stylish and will enable you to feel comfortable during those warm days and nights while remaining right on trend. To fit in with the seasonal tones, opt for a pair of light wash dad jeans. Alternatively, a black pair of denims will go with every outfit and are great for adding a touch of formality to any look.

Tropical Shirts

Not for the faint-hearted, the tropical shirts trend is set to make a comeback this summer. While the sheer mention of ‘tropical’ may conjure up images of garish prints and clashing colours, the right shirt can, in fact, transform your look to make it both exciting and seasonal. If you’re feeling unphased by their vibrancy, go for a classic tropical shirt that’s full of punchy tones and floral patterns. For a more ‘toned-down’ version, opt for pastel or dark shades with leafy designs.

Sports Gear

The long reign of the ‘athleisure’ trend continues this summer, with sports gear still high on the priority list for those who want to achieve that cool but laidback look. However, with the hot weather set to stay, it’s probably a good idea to swap those stylish joggers for shorts but be sure to keep a lightweight windbreaker on hand to ensure you’re prepared for those inevitable summer showers!

Vertical Stripes

While stripes have been the face of several fashion trends in recent years, this summer sees a new twist on this classic print; say goodbye to horizontal and welcome vertical! The vertical stripes trend is the official go-to pattern of the season and will be available in everything from low-key tees to pin-stripe shirts. However, as with the tropical trend, try and stick to wearing one stripy item at a time to avoid looking like you’ve opted for the day-time pyjamas look. Instead, pair with dark jeans and jackets and a pair of sparkling white trainers for a chilled-out look that’s ideal for summer.

Whichever of these funky new trends you decide to style this summer, be sure to complete your refreshing new look with a Cohiba cigar, the perfect accessory to any fashionable get-up!

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