5 Famous Moustaches to Inspire You this Movember

November means Movember, so we’re here to give you some of the most recognisable moustaches from famous faces. Get inspired and choose a ‘tache to sport this Movember!

Salvador Dalí

Kicking off our list of famous moustached faces is one that is often voted as being the most famous moustache of all time. Salvador Dalí’s passion for all things surreal was clearly maintained through his facial hair that certainly is some creative manscaping! Dalí explained his prefered way of styling the iconic look as ensuring the moustaches handlebars were always “marking [the time of] ten past ten”. Despite being interred nearly thirty years ago, an exhumation earlier this year revealed that the famous ‘tache is still intact and telling Dalí’s desired time. Dalí was well aware of how renowned his moustache was, even going as far as releasing a book dedicated solely to it.
Unless you’re willing to go all out, this bold look might not be the one for you to sport this month, but it certainly is inspirational! If you’re after this flamboyant look, remember that patience is key here. You want your bristles to be as long as possible, so get your hands off those scissors; there’s no trimming allowed here! Instead, you’ll need to get some wax out and style away, pinching the ends of your ‘tache… and twirl! This moustache truly is the star, so ensure you accentuate it by keeping the rest of your face clean shaven.


Freddie Mercury

Queen frontman Freddie Mercury sported his iconic ‘tache throughout his musical career. While it was tragically shaved away from time to time, Mercury is certainly better known for modelling the style.

His chosen ‘tache shape, known as the ‘chevron’, is often characterised as a look associated with bikers. Mercury’s moustache is a great one to attempt if you’re a newcomer to the world of moustache wearing this Movember, as minimal styling is required. The top of the ‘tache is typically shaped into a ‘V’, and the hairs are just long enough to hang over the upper lip. The moustache should extend across approximately half an inch on each side of the lip. This particular moustache tends to be fairly shaggy, giving a rugged, yet charming, appearance. The only maintenance required for this recognisable look is the occasionally shave and trim, making it an easy option for you to rock this Movember!


Albert Einstein

The smartest ‘tache on our list goes to the one sitting on Albert Einstein’s top lip. The theoretical physicist wasn’t only known for his intelligence, but for the trademark mop of wild hair and bushy moustache, that he wore on his face for fifty years! Perhaps the ‘m’ in Einstein’s most famous equation, E=mc², actually stands for ‘moustache’ instead of ‘mass’!

The look is possibly better suited to the older gentleman, already showcasing some white whiskers, but if you make it your own, we’re sure anyone can make this look work. It must be said that this look may be a little too unkempt to wear to work, or, generally to be seen looking like in public, so you can try a more sophisticated approach. Trim the ends, run a fine comb through it and work in some wax for a classy take on this distinguished ‘tache.


Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck, renowned for his character in the 1980s TV series, Magnum P.I., and for the manliest moustache of all time. If not the best moustache design out there, then it’s certainly up there as one of the most popular and macho moustaches.

Don’t have a ‘tache to shape? Just let it grow! After a few weeks you’ll probably have enough hair to get styling; so comb, trim and shape away! Once your moustache is at the length you’re happy with, work on the thickness, combing the ‘tache upwards and removing a little of the excess, so that it does not sit so heavily on the lip. Remember to shave your cheeks, chin and neck to really make that moustache look prominent. Enhance the manliness of your new moustache and draw attention to it by smoking a cigar; Monte Cristo cigars are known to be Tom Selleck’s favourites!


Ron Swanson and Ron Burgundy

One for the manliest of men. Taken from the two Ronnies of the modern day comedy; Will Ferrell’s ‘Ron Burgundy’, from the Anchorman films, and Nick Offerman’s Park’s and Recreation boss ‘Ron Swanson’. These Old School souls consider the concept of grooming to be an abhorrent affront to their masculinity. Of course, you’ll also have to clean shave the rest of your face fuzz every morning, but otherwise, just let that ‘tache grow and comb if needed!


What ‘tache will you be sporting this Movember? Share your pictures with us!

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