‘Tache Tips for Moustache Maintenance this Movember

A man with a moustache

The days are shorter, the skies are darker, and the air is getting cold; November is truly upon us! But there’s one thing that can keep you warm this coming month, or at least, your top lip; Movember is here! Whether you’re already sporting the ‘tache or are in the process of growing one for the occasion, these top tips will keep your moustache in perfect shape.

Bye-bye Beard

For those of you already rocking the facial fuzz, the first step is to trim away the hair that won’t be involved in your moustache-making. Remember, this is MO-vember; it’s time to say goodbye to that beard! Before you start shaving with a straight cut razor to make way for the ‘tache, be sure to use a pre-shaving cream, as this will help to soften the hair and protect the skin, ensuring a smooth shave free of nicks and cuts.

Trim the ‘tache

The most important decision you’ll have to make this month is what shape you want your moustache to take when you trim it. Once you have decided, wet your ‘tache to make it easier to cut and run a fine-toothed moustache comb through it, gently brushing the hairs down. Trim across the moustache, leaving it a little longer than the style you want to sport, as hairs tend to look shorter once they have dried.

Shape and Style

Once you’ve got the length down, use a straight cut razor to shape the tops and sides, as this will ensure precision, as well as being easier to move around for the more detailed areas.

Styling the ‘tache is one of the most important aspects of the Movember process. Investing in a good quality moustache styling wax is well worth it for those committing to moustachery, as it will certainly help to create a whole range of styles. With a small amount on your finger, allow the wax to warm slightly before you start your style. This is all of course in the name of charity, with Movember aiming to raise awareness of men’s physical and mental health issues, so what better time to try something a little more outlandish with your chosen ‘tache style!

Moustache Maintenance

Once you’ve got the style down, it’s all about the maintenance. Remember that the moustache is the star of the show this month, so keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven to really show off your ‘tache is a must. As for the moustache itself, a trim every week or so should do the trick! Grooming is essential; no matter how careful you are, your moustache is going to gather some crumbs, so be sure to wash it regularly. Facial hair can be coarser than the hair on your head, so working in some conditioner can really smooth it out, making it softer and less tickly for you- and your partner will be sure to appreciate that too!

Now you’re rocking the moustache you’ve always dreamed of having, be sure to show it off, share it online and try and make some cash from your ‘tache to help your fellow man.

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