New world record set at Swedish leg of CSWC

Darren Cioffi, owner of Principle Cigars repeated his past endeavours by winning the Cigar Smoking World Championship Qualification Tournament in Sweden once again.

We spoke of the competition before which you can read here, the format for the completion is simple; CSWC competitors have to smoke a small mareva sized cigar for as long a time as possible with one single light. The competition catapulted Darren Cioffi into competitive cigar smoking folklore when he became the first American to win the championship, before breaking the ‘slow smoking’ world record twice, before breaking it again in the Swedish leg this time round.

The Swedish leg of the CSWC was held at Mellgrens Fine Tobacco in Gothenburg Saturday April 16th

And it was here that Cioffi set a new world record in slow smoking, it took him 151 minutes, 37 seconds to finish the Macanudo Inspirado Petit Corona, beating the previous record of 147 minutes and 41 seconds by Oleg Pedan of Russia, winner of the CSWC 2015.

Igor Kovacic, currently sitting at No. 3 on the list of the slowest smokers, proved for the third time to be the best Swedish competitor with a time of 126minutes and 56 seconds, missing his own PB of 147 minutes and 20 second by approximately 20 minutes.

We can’t wait to see if records will be broken in the final in Croatia in September, who knows how long those cigars will burn for?

If you want to practice your own style of slow smoking visit Havana House online and shop a fantastic range from Cohiba, Punch, Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta, Juan Lopez and Quintero to name only a few. The only thing needed then is a comfy chair and a delicious drink and then to sit back, light up and start practicing your slow smoking technique!


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Photo by: mellgrensfinetobacco/Instagram

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