New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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Something of an age-old tradition, celebration of the new year is something that everyone treats differently and has different opinions of. At its simplest, it’s a chance to celebrate the good times of the past year and look forward to the opportunities that the forthcoming year will bring. If you’re planning on seeing in the new year with friends and/or family, with a celebratory social gathering, then read on and discover some new ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration of what you can be planning for this, and future, New Year’s celebrations.

Themed Party

The words ‘themed party’ often conjure up images of excessive super-hero costumes, but this doesn’t have to be the case. The beauty with themed occasions is that they can sit anywhere on the spectrum and you’re the one that gets to decide on just how extreme it will be. Geographically-themed parties can offer an excellent and slightly more reasonable substitute if you want to build a party around a particular idea, but not go completely bananas! Geographical parties can then influence the food, drink and music, all of which can be as excessive as you want. Perhaps, if you’re looking to show off your collection of Cuban Cigars, then a Cuban themed gathering will be the perfect opportunity to do so!

Fancy Dress

Contrary to the previous point, if excessive super-hero costumes are exactly what you’re looking for this New Year, then fancy dress should definitely be the way to go. This can either complement a theme, as mentioned above, or just go completely random and have people dress up with whatever they can come up with!

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Hire a Private Chef

If you’re hosting a gathering at home with friends and family, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all evening preparing and cooking the evening’s meals, so why not hire a private chef for the evening? Not only will you be saved the time and stress of cooking for your guests, but you’ll also have the pleasure of eating professionally cooked food in the comfort of your own home. Private chefs can be a little on the expensive side so we’d suggest asking guests for a contribution or asking for a ‘per head’ charge to cover. Then depending on how you hire the chef, they can do the shopping, preparation, cooking and cleaning up afterwards, doesn’t that sound amazing?

Head out for the Evening

If you and your family/friends aren’t willing to be lumbered with the hassle of organising a New Year’s celebration at home, then why not head out and let someone else do the hard work? As obvious as it sounds, heading out to a local restaurant, bar or lounge is a great way to immerse yourself in the celebration atmosphere and enjoy the occasion with more people than just your own party! If you’re planning on eating out that evening, we’d suggest booking a table as far in advance as possible to make sure you have somewhere to go; there’s nothing worse than being turned away from places that are already full!

Stay Away

If you’re looking to experience New Year in a new place, why not try booking a multi-night stay in a holiday cottage or lodge? Some places require you to stay a minimum of three or four nights so bear this in mind when planning your get-away. If you want to escape but still have a party, let your friends and family know and book more substantial accommodation to take the party with you! We’d recommend getting in touch with the accommodation owners directly as you may be able to arrange a deal if you hire multiple rooms/lodges, you won’t know if you don’t ask!

We hope that whatever you plan for this New Year, you have the best one yet! Remember to check out out articles on what to wear for this New Year and what glorious beverages you can try for the special occasion with our article on Cocktails for New Year. We’d love to know what you get up to, keep us up to date with your celebrations on Facebook and Twitter!

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