The Padron 50th Anniversary Humidor

The Padron 50th Anniversary Humidor

padron-humidor-gallery-imageThe Padron 50th anniversary humidor has received an overwhelming amount of publicity since it’s release in 2014 but not without good reason. This Padron cigar box features perhaps one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship you will ever lay your eyes upon. Each humidor is not simply the perfect place to store your cigars to keep them safe, it is a work of art in itself. The humidors have been designed by Cuban-born artist and cigar manufacturer Nelson Alfonso.

Only 1000 humidors were created in total, each one is individually numbered and comes with it’s own certificate. The humidor itself is long and rectangular in shape, with elegantly downwards curving corners. The outer wood is finished with a perfect single tone white, rimmed with a gold, red and black pattern. Of course, words cannot do the stunning beauty of this humidor justice. It is a pure embodiment of Padron, luxury at it’s finest. Even the smallest details were included such as the hammer design on the lock and key or the Padron name that is engraved on the hinges.

The inside of the humidor is perfectly balanced to keep your cigars in the best possible condition. The seal in heavy and tight so you can be sure than no nasty tobacco beetles are finding their way into your most prized investments. The bottom tray provides great ventilation for the cigars and the inner lining of Spanish Cedar adds even more complexity to the cigars inside. The unit is equipped with the Padron 50th anniversary humidor hygrometer and thermometer, which have been designed to match the premium aesthetic.

Padron 50th Anniversary HumidorThe Padron Humidor Concept

The concept behind the 50th anniversary humidor is certainly different. Each humidor has been numbered from 1-1000. Inside each humidor comes 50 cigars, which are also numbered. 1-50 for the first humidor, 51-100 for the second, etcetera. Once you have smoked a cigar, you can order another from the designated Padron URL so that you never run out!

The Hammer Cigars

Every humidor comes with 50 Hammer cigars, which are only available to those who own one of the anniversary humidors. A shame, as the Hammer cigars are wonderfully complex and full bodied. This is true to Padron’s heritage of creating the most premium and sought-after cigars. Evidence of this is clear and open. Padron have had three No.1 rated cigars in the years 2004, 2007 and 2009. Additionally, at least one Padron cigar has featured in the top 5 cigars of the year every year since ratings began!

The Hammer cigars themselves are without a doubt some of the finest Padron cigars you’ll ever lay your eyes on, likely some of the best cigars ever made. The cigars are available with their natural Nicaraguan wrapper or with a dark matured Maduro, Whichever you choose both are full bodied and complex like no other cigar you have smoked. Period. The filler and binder tobaccos in these Toro cigars are made from 10 years aged Nicaraguan grown leaves.

Initially, the cigar starts smooth and creamy with each puff building up the strength and complexity. Rich flavours just keep coming. First chocolate, then some black pepper after some woody cedar all of which are perfectly blended and intertwined, of course, and that is just the first third of the cigar! Words cannot begin to adequately describe the unique experience of smoking this cigar. It is something that you have to try for yourself if you ever get the chance.

Fortunately, thanks to Havana House, you do have the chance to own your own Padron 50th Anniversary Humidors. Click here to have a closer look at our humidor! As always, thanks for reading our blog written by the knowledgeable team at Havana House. We ‘d love to hear your opinions on the humidor. Leave your comments in the section below!

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