Peter James – The Gentleman’s Case You Cannot Live Without

A peter james case next to whiskey

It is far too common when heading to our favourite place to smoke a stogie, and our pockets are rattling around with keys, cigar cutter, lighter, wallet; nothing has its proper placement. As the style of men’s clothing becomes more fitting, it is becoming increasingly harder to fit everything in.

We were extremely excited when we first heard of the Peter James case, a unit that supported both proper protection of our cigars and looked luxurious, while containing other important everyday carry items, such as the cigar cutter, lighter, pen, car keys and bank cards.


Peter James claims their case is “made by aficionados for aficionados”; quite right indeed. The cases are slick, classy, and they fit the whole range of stogies no matter the gauge, in a beautiful felt lined case.


Every compartment is handmade; the leather is quality, thick, pebbly and very supple; the zipper is as expected; clean, free moving and above all, incredibly rugged and tough wearing without sparing on aesthetic.


Upon opening the case, you are met with the smell of beautiful hand-finished tanned hide; you have the option of both a cognac brown or phantom black, both perfectly tanned hides. Inside there is a myriad of storage compartments for every cigar accessory needed. Peter James does provide variants of the case, but you will always find room for a cigar lighter, cutter and cigar rest.


There is space for the business and bank cards, and of course, an oversized compartment for holding the stogies. This case has been keeping our favourite weekly – or in some cases daily – smoke safe and sound with its soft felt lining and solid construction.


Due to the traditional materials utilised in development, the Peter James case is durable enough to be thrown into a rucksack for a day off piste or urban travels. It’s sleek enough to look the part in any lavish scenario or elegant bar, yet isn’t so glitzy as to distract you from the finery sat at the opposite side of the table.


However, you may find it hard to take your eyes off the incredible seam work and top-notch stitching that has been put into the arrangement of the case so well.


It’s easy to see Mr James is an aficionado enjoying the finer things in life. We all have an eye for detail; we can tell the way the leaf was rolled on the stogie and the quality a cigar just from the way it feels in hand. Look close enough, and you will see the flaps are all hand cut to perfection. Although no two are quite identical, they are all flawless. It reminds us as to why we love hand-rolled cigars so much; a real testament to proper craftsmanship and not mass production overseas.


As at the beginning of this article suggests, you will find nothing quite like this in the cigar world, so snap one up while you can, and you shall find yourself wondering how you could have ever lived without it. It is the sort of object that will stand the test of time and can be passed down for generations.



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