How to Pick the Right Cigar Lighter for You

Man holding a flame up to his cigar

A cigar lighter is one of the most important bits of kit you need as a cigar smoker. It can literally make or break your cigar.

Choosing a quality lighter is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, being able to light your cigar properly ensures that it burns evenly, without developing burn issues. By choosing a lighter with the right type of fuel, you can also avoid any unwanted tastes being added to the flavour and aroma of your cigar.

Plus, a cigar lighter can be a great accessory aesthetically speaking, so choosing one to suit your style can also be a big factor in selecting your cigar lighter.

Here we take a look at what you should consider and look for when buying the right cigar lighter for you.


Types of Lighter

While disposable lighters are great as a small, on-the-go tool for when you are travelling or need something smaller, they are not always the ideal lighter choice for your cigars. Cigar smoking is a luxurious experience, and some fluid lighters may impact on the flavours present in the cigar.


Jet Lighter

Offering a quick, easy and strong flame, the jet or torch lighter will provide a great way of efficiently lighting your cigar, ensuring an even burn throughout. These lighters are also usually wind-resistant, making lighting up outside far easier.


Butane Lighter

When using a butane lighter, you will need to make sure that the liquid fuel used is filtered, refined and odourless, so that the fuel itself will not impact on the flavour of the cigar.



An important factor to consider that may be overlooked is the size of your lighter. This should correlate with the type of cigar you tend to smoke.

For example, if you regularly smoke larger cigars, with a ring gauge of around 60, then you may need a torch lighter with multiple jets to be able to light the entire foot of the cigar in one go. If you used a smaller lighter, with a single flame, it could take too long to fully light a larger cigar, and this could lead to an uneven burn.


Where Will You Be Smoking?

Another factor to think about is where you will be smoking. Cigar lighters can be found with different conditions in mind. For example, lighters that work at high altitudes may be appealing to those who want to enjoy a cigar while hiking a hill.

Alternatively, wind-proof lighters may be required if you usually have to smoke outdoors – especially during windier times of the year.

Likewise, you may need to find a lighter that works better in colder conditions. The temperature has an impact on the way fuel is used in a cigar lighter, so if you’re frequently stood out in the cold with your cigar, then this may need to be considered.


See-Through Tank

There’s nothing more annoying than going to light your cigar and finding out your lighter is out of juice. Opting for a lighter with a see-through tank or a window panel can help avoid this problem, as you’ll be able to see exactly how much fuel is left.



When you’re lighting your cigar, you want it to be as easy as possible. The foot of the cigar wants to be gently toasted, so you need to be able to hold the flame steady and gently rotate the cigar.

As such, you need the ignition of your cigar to be as smooth to use as possible. If you have to hold your hand awkwardly to ignite it, then it’s going to cause problems when you try to use it for cigar lighting.

A single-action ignition lighter can be useful for cigar smokers, as it is fuss-free and easy to operate with one hand. This is essential for cigar smokers, as you need the other hand to hold the cigar.


Retractable Lid

If you keep your lighter in a pocket or bag, then it is likely to pick up lint and dust in its jets which can lessen the flame it creates. By choosing a lighter with a lid that can easily retract, you can keep the lighter clear of debris and ensure it operates at its highest ability.



Some lighters, especially the more premium lighters, come with a warranty. Not only does this give you confidence in the product you are choosing, but it also offers you peace of mind that your cigar lighter investment will be covered if it were to stop working.

If you’d like to invest in a slightly more expensive lighter but are hesitant about the spend, then finding a cigar lighter that comes with a warranty can be beneficial.



Style is usually an important factor in choosing a lighter too – you’ll want to pick one that looks good! Lighters are available in a huge range of styles, from classic to more futuristic designs.

There’s certainly a style to suit all cigar lovers, and most lighters come in a range of colours or patterns too, giving you plenty of choice to find something you love.

If you are looking for a new cigar lighter, then here at Havana House we have a wide variety of lighters in a range of styles from top brands including Xikar, Colibri, Vector and Zippo. Take a look through our range and find your perfect cigar lighter today!

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